Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. Here at our house west of Pittsburgh, we only got 4-5 inches of snow last Saturday. It was almost kind of disappointing after all of the SNOW! PANIC! on the news. That being said, I do not envy friends in VA & MD right now.

We did not stock up on milk, bread, and toilet paper. We were not snowed in for weeks. For us, the snow started Friday around 5 pm and ended by Saturday around noon. SP cleared the walk and driveway with the snowblower around 2 pm Saturday.

And that was the big snowstorm Jonas here.

2. We watched 2 animated movies during the big snowstorm: Inside Out and Hotel Transylvania 2. Both were cute, light, & fun. I mailed both back and now we again have 4 DVDs from Netflix to watch: Burnt, Fantastic Four, Sicario, and The Walk. I'm not sure how/why we keep having 4 DVDs out at a time, but... the price hasn't changed so I'm not going to investigate.

3. We decided to delete the Heroes Reborn episodes on the DVR. We read some not positive reviews after the final episode aired and read that it was not renewed for another season so with everything else we watch, we decided to not bother. "Regular" TV starts up again soon and in March The Americans returns plus Netflix will have new Daredevil episodes and Amazon will have Bosch Season 2. On HBO Game of Thrones returns in April plus a new one (Vinyl) starts soon. So no need to bother with a show that, if we had to rank everything we watch, would be near/at the bottom.

4. We get the biggest laughs when we watch Food Network's Worst Cooks in America on Sunday evenings. I can't believe some of the worst cooks they find to compete - these people are nuts! That being said, I now want to try poaching eggs at home.

5. Another week and no library books read. I did read the new Food & Wine and Pittsburgh magazines.

6. It's going to be warm this weekend: 46 on Saturday and 54 on Sunday. Yay! Next Tuesday is Groundhog Day. I'm hoping for an early spring.

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