Monday, February 15, 2016

Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers

Back in January, I saw a recipe in Food Network Magazine for Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers. Normally chicken pot pie doesn't much interest me because I've had too many versions with bland filling, gummy filling, bland pastry topping, just bland and boring and not worth the effort. But these were puff pastry turnovers and the recipe is for 4 turnovers, which would be 2 meals for us, and it seemed quick & easy, so I ripped it out.
About a week later, we needed a quick & simple meal that didn't make too much food (leftovers) and I remembered the pot pie turnovers. Another bonus: we still had puff pastry in the freezer from all the holiday appetizer baking. What I like about this recipe is that it uses puff pastry so you don't need to fuss with making a dough, chilling it, and rolling it out. I also like that the filling can be made in advance and kept in the refrigerator until you want to make the turnovers.
The week that we made these turnovers was also Spaghetti & Meatballs week. There was a lot of vegetable chopping. I chopped the pot pie vegetables when I chopped the spaghetti sauce vegetables and set them aside in a container in the refrigerator for the next day. We cooked the chicken breasts in the oven when we cooked my lunch turkey. We made the pot pie chicken filling Sunday evening and refrigerated it until we were ready to eat the pot pies later that week. In the above photo, the filling looks a little dry, but if you look in the side of the container, you can see the sauce:
Then on the first night of this dinner during that week, we rolled out the puff pastry, filled it, pinched it shut, and baked the turnovers.
Our turnovers took a bit longer than 30 minutes to become golden brown.
These are much tastier than I expected. At first I thought there wasn't enough chicken mixture in the turnovers. We didn't use all the chicken mixture because the turnovers looked like they had enough filling and we didn't want them to explode but then when I cut into one, I was disappointed at what looked like a lack of chicken mixture. It turned out that the turnovers were much more filling than I expected. We had some mixed greens on the side for extra veggie and to round out the meal but I was stuffed after just the turnover. On the second night, we re-heated the extra chicken mixture and ate it on the side alongside the turnover.
The thyme, white wine, and Dijon in the sauce really upped the flavor of the chicken mixture. It was not a bland chicken pot pie. We'd definitely make these again although at some point I'd like to try a "real" version of chicken pot pie.

This was 2 dinners for us and we ate the turnovers on consecutive nights because we didn't want the filling to make the puff pastry soggy.

Recipe here.

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