Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chicken Wings - Original & Citrus Ginger

I meant to post this before the Super Bowl, but, well, obviously, I didn't. We made these Chicken Wings for the Steelers-Broncos playoff game, so quite some time ago.
But you don't need a football game to enjoy wings. SP loves them. My brother & niece compete to see who can eat the hottest wings at a wing place near their home. My parents like the ones at Bigham Tavern. I am not a fan of wings, but I suggested them because I knew SP wanted some.
Chicken Wings can be roasted in the oven or deep fried or grilled. We opted for the oven. That was kind of a mistake because of all the fat/grease. The wings ended up spewing grease all over the oven and then they got smoky, REALLY smoky, which set off the smoke detector. It looked like there was fog in the house. So then we had to open the windows. In January. To be fair it hasn't been a super cold winter, but even when it's 40 degrees it isn't much fun having windows open. For 2-3 weeks. the house reeked of chicken wing smoke & grease and every time we used the oven, we could smell chicken wings.
SP wanted traditional wings, just butter and hot sauce. I find that disgusting. I wanted Citrus-Ginger, which I saw in Food Network Magazine. There were also recipes for Mango-Curry, Beer BBQ, Sriracha-Buffalo, and Roasted Garlic-Balsamic Sauces.
Instead of pineapple preserves, I used apricot preserves with the fresh ginger, orange & lime juices, and cayenne. Juts heat everything together until syrupy.

SP's sauce:
My Citrus-Ginger Sauce:
SP enjoyed his hot sauce wings a lot. He also enjoyed my wings. I liked mine, too. I love citrus flavor and the fresh ginger and pinch of cayenne added a bit of a kick, but not too much.
My problem with wings is that they are work to eat and they are messy for what amounts to very little meat on each wing. Also, I pull off the fat, so I lose a lot of the flavor. I cannot believe SP eats the fat. I know you're supposed to, but... Yuck.
I'd rather use these sauces (well, my sauce) on bigger pieces of bone-in chicken parts. I know a lot of people really like wings so if you're looking for a non-spicy sauce, the Citrus-Ginger Sauce is a good choice. But I would suggest frying or grilling the wings, not roasting.

Recipe here (along with a few other sauces, like Mango-Curry and Beer BBQ and Sriracha-Buffalo)


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  2. Really delicious, very flavorful and very easy. I used chicken-tenderloins, and grilled them on the bbq.