Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Crab Melts

Whenever the grocery store has one of its "Seafood Stock Up" sales, we try to buy a can or two of crab meat. Usually we make crab cakes but this time I wanted something different and I remembered this recipe for a Crab Melt. It's easy to make plus the crab salad can be made ahead of time and the melt sandwiches assembled and broiled when you are ready to eat.
I liked that there wasn't any mayonnaise. The "sauce" is a dressing of roasted red pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, and hot sauce. It very red. And red peppery. If you don't like red pepper flavor, this is not the dressing to mix with crab. We used our Magic Bullet to make the dressing. This is what was leftover after we made the crab salad:
Mix in Old Bay seasoning, finely chopped celery, dried tarragon & dried parsley to finish the crab salad:
To make the melts, we used Swiss cheese from the deli instead of gruyere, so our cheese was sliced not grated. We didn't butter the muffins after toasting. We also used arugula instead of watercress and didn't put our arugula on before broiling. Actually, we ate the arugula and some sliced tomato on the side, in between bites of crab melt. One day for lunch we used toasted white bread and cheddar cheese. It was all good.
Definitely something we'd make again, especially in the warm summer months or during those weeks when we don't have a lot of free time to devote to preparing meals.

Crab Melt recipe here.

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