Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. I have no idea where the days, the weeks, the months are going because here it is, another Thursday, and I feel like nothing has happened in the past week besides "the usual."

2. We baked Cappuccino Biscotti last weekend. My mom stopped by on Monday and I gave her some. It was the first time she & dad had tried these biscotti and they said they really enjoyed them.

3. Mom stopped by because we were supposed to have dinner with them on Sunday. She had thawed a turkey and wanted our help eating it. But then dad got sick. He had the stomach flu, a fever, cold symptoms. So they cancelled dinner. That has happened twice in the new year - they keep getting sick! Anyway, she stopped by to bring us turkey & gravy, sausage stuffing, and bacon Brussels. Yum!

4. It was extra nice because we only had to prepare one meal for the week: braised pork, scalloped potatoes, and cauliflower.

5. She also brought us a guide book to help us with planning our next vacation. Of course, we both are still having health issues so we haven't made reservations/bought plane tickets, we're just planning, but hopefully in the next 2 weeks after a slew of doctor appointments we'll be deemed "healthy" and we can really plan vacation.

6. Tuesday M, our cleaning lady, was here. As usual, she took several breaks and we "gossiped." She is such a nice lady and it's always fun to hear about the latest craziness with her family!

7. We watched Fantastic Four and Sicario. FF  got terrible, awful reviews, and while it wasn't a great movie, we didn't think it was as awful as the reviews said. Sicario was very good, but in some ways slow. And definitely dark and gritty.

8. In the past 1-2 weeks I have broken 2 soap dispensers. First I broke the nozzle part of my bathroom soap (the soap dispenser I bought at Target that matches my toothbrush holder & cup) and every time I stick it back in place, as soon as I use it, I break it off again. I don't know what I do, but when I push on the top to dispense soap, I also push on the nozzle. So I swapped it with the plastic kitchen Softsoap dispenser. Two days later, I knocked off that one off sink and onto the tile floor with such force that the top part broke off, rendering it useless. So SP bought me a new plastic Softsoap dispenser and he's waiting to see how long it takes for me to break this one.

The grand total: 6. That's how many bathroom soap dispensers I've broken in the 7 years we've been here.

I should also mention that on its fall to the floor, the dispenser bounced off the lid of the Clorox Wipes and cracked the lid so now the freshly opened Clorox wipes are in danger of drying out.

I should also mention that in the past month, I've sent 2 shaving gels crashing into the tub, breaking the plastic nozzles.

I am a disaster in the bathroom.

9. This weekend is the Super Bowl. We're not too excited but we'll watch anyway for the commercials. Maybe even make some unhealthy game day dip.

10. SP went "off list" and bought Pringles when he did the grocery shopping. They were on sale! It was a good deal! Well we all know what happened. Yup. I ate the can of cheese Pringles all by myself. I am now trying to forget that a can of Sour Cream & Onion Pringles exists in the pantry.

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