Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1.  Last Sunday was the Super Bowl. We celebrated by eating a bunch of Buffalo Chicken Dip and a lot of chips and then feeling disgusting. We shredded our chicken by pulsing it in the food processor like we do for chicken salad. I think I liked the texture in the dip, but I'm not entirely sure.

2. We also made Pimiento Cheese Spread and fried bacon for Pimiento BLTs for one of our dinner meals this week. In reality, I've been eating the cheese spread and bacon for lunch with turkey on an English muffin while for dinner we're eating salad, breaded chicken tenders, and the brown bread that was meant for the Pimiento BLTs.

3. Dessert has been Rice Krispies Treats. Or Pringles. They were still on sale and we had a coupon so someone bought 4 more cans. I finally told someone to put them where I cannot reach them. That's 8 cans of Pringles total. I feel disgusting just typing that.

4. Shonda TV returns tonight! I'm excited to exile SP to the basement while I enjoy Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and HTGAWM. Normally he'd be pretty excited to be told to disappear into the man cave for 3 hours but since it has suddenly gotten very cold, the basement is really cold, so I think he's actually not too excited for man cave time.

5. By cold I mean that Saturday's high is supposed to be between 10-15 degrees, depending on which weather service you follow. Right now it's 18 degrees with a wind chill of 3 degrees. Brrr! It's not supposed to get above freezing until next week.

6. It's also been snow shoveling time this week. Three days in a row SP has had to clear the driveway and walkway. Not even enough for the snow blower. Shovel/broom snow.

7. Exciting news: I finally, after the initial call before Christmas, have the new axles and casters for the wheelchair. This is exciting because 1: I don't rock side to side and feel like it might fall apart anymore and 2: these casters are smaller so I'm not getting wedged between things and bouncing off everything when I try to swivel/turn.

8. We do not have Valentine's plans because we think the holiday is stupid. I actually forgot about it until yesterday when someone asked me if we had any special plans for the weekend. It took me a few seconds to figure out why they would think we'd have special plans for the weekend and then I remembered, ah, yes, stupid holiday.

9. I wish you a Happy Presidents' Day weekend! We have a 3 day weekend - yay!

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