Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. I almost forgot about Thursday Thoughts.

2. I spent a lot of time this week watching season 1 of Madam Secretary on Netflix. I'm enjoying the show a lot and wish I'd stuck with it last year instead of giving up because there was too much television and not enough time. I guess I'll have to wait until August to watch season 2 since that's the current season.

3. Season 2 of Bosch on Amazon and season 2 of Daredevil on Netflix both start soon. So excited! I'm enjoying those much more than some of the shows I've been watching for quite a long time but have become bored with but feel compelled to keep watching.

4. Last weekend we saw Deadpool. I enjoyed it much more than I expected.

5. This week our 2 dinners are chicken marsala with salad and crab cakes with salad. I'm getting tired of making salad every night. The Costco container of lettuce looks like it hasn't been touched. The lettuce just keeps regenerating. Still so much lettuce.

6. I still haven't read any books.

7. The magazine pile is up to 4.

8. Next week is March already. I was just looking at the calendar and March is going to be a very busy month: several doctor appointments, 2 shows, a couple family birthdays, a hockey game, friends from out of town visiting, Easter, and, unfortunately, surgery for one of us. Boo.

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