Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. Last Sunday was a wonderful, sunny, warm day so we grilled for the first time this year. It was SP's birthday weekend, so he got to choose the menu for this week. He chose to grill scallops & lamb chops. So yummy!
2. We didn't watch The Oscars. Instead we started watching the first episode of HBO's Vinyl and didn't like it very much (I was bored and annoyed) so we gave up, deleted the other episodes, and deleted the timer. 

3. Last year we watched HBO's Togetherness but it was always kind of awkward/sad/depressing and we weren't that into it. The second season just started and we recorded it but then... we decided to not watch, deleted the recorded episodes, and deleted the timer. 

4. That happened worth HBO's The Leftovers as well. It was always so odd and sad/depressing. So we quit 2 episodes into the second season.

5. What happened, HBO? All the shows now seem so muddled, depressing, sad, bleak. We used to enjoy a lot of shows on HBO, but now I think it's down to just Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. We never enjoyed Girls, we gave up part way through the first season, and we always thought that if the show is a true representation of that generation then the country is doomed. I miss shows like The Sopranos, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, The Newsroom, The Wire, Getting On

6. I read all my magazines so I am caught up! Now if only I could get motivated to read the library books. I do not know what my problem is, but currently I just have no interest in reading books, which is very unusual for me.

7. Either I have horrible allergies or I have a cold. If it's a cold, I am super annoyed because its arrival coincides with this past weekend's family gathering. Again. SP's mom was so worried about nephew being sick & coming to the dinner and getting SP sick before surgery that she thought S and niece should stay home as well because they might be carrying nephew's sickness. Then she showed up to dinner, blowing her nose and sounding stuffed up and emailed us all about having to go the doctor again because she's sick again. S & niece came, too, but not nephew. And even though we didn't do the "kissy-huggy" thing, and even though we didn't sit next to his mom or S or niece, I started sneezing and having stuffed/runny nose issues on Tuesday and today it's gotten even worse. Grrrr.

8. I think this afternoon I'll curl up under a blanket in my comfy chair with a cup of hot tea and take a nice, long nap.

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