Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. Every year we talk about going to a Ukrainian church in Carnegie for their annual pysanky sale at Easter time. Finally this year, SP went. He bought me a pysanky egg and a loaf of paska. I think it's the church my mom's dad's family went to, but I'm not sure and neither is my mom since after age 5 she didn't have much contact with them. I've always liked Faberge eggs and the Ukrainian pysanky, so intricate and beautiful. I wouldn't mind a whole basketful of pysanky. I've been sitting in my recliner gazing at my pysanky a lot lately. Pretty.

2. I spent several hours the past 2 days doing calligraphy. I agreed to do table name tags/place cards for a friend's event but it's been 6 years since I did any calligraphy, so I had to practice. And then do it. Once I got all the spacing sorted out it didn't take too long but I did manage to smear my hands & shirt with black ink. That stuff is hard to wash off! I spent a lot of time practicing. My letter shapes and spacing were way off. I guess I should practice more instead of only doing it when the need arises?

3. This past week we watched several movies: The Big Short, which was excellent; Black Mass, just OK; Our Brand Is Crisis, which I found boring and stupid.

4. We started watching Daredevil Season 2. I think we're 4 episodes in, maybe 5, and so far it's pretty darn good. I especially liked the stairwell fight scene.

5. I got back to reading. I read Our Souls At Night. It was a quick read for me. It was beautiful in a bittersweet, sad and happy kind of way, and definitely thought provoking.

6. SP is going to the hockey game tonight (Penguins-Devils) so I'm on my own for dinner: leftover pasta. Tomorrow is Good Friday, the one day a year when I try to not eat meat. It's what we did when I was a kid, every Good Friday we met my grandparents at Tonidale Restaurant (is it even still there?!) for fish dinner, and I guess I still feel the need to not have meat on Good Friday. Even then I disliked fish, so by fish dinner I mean everyone ate fish but I ate fried shrimp.

7. It's supposed to be 76-77 today. And then tomorrow be 50-51. Not a big fan of the see-saw weather. But I am looking forward to grilling and deck time soon.

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