Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. Tomorrow is the Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Event. Here on Yum Yum I'll have a scrumptious post from From Cats to Cooking. I wrote a post you'll be able to read over at Breelicious Bites.

2. Meanwhile, you can see the last two guest blogger event posts on Yum Yum here:

3. My last two guest blogger events posts are:

4. We spent the past several evenings watching Daredevil Season 2. We have now watched the entire second season and enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately, that means we are way behind on our usual evening TV because we ignored it to watch Daredevil. Worth it, but gosh there is a lot on the DVR now.

5. Apparently I am math challenged and instead of losing the basketball tournament, I am winning. I supposedly cheated myself out of 10 points. As long as NC loses their next game, I win! But if NC wins, SP wins by 2 points. This means I have to cheer for Syracuse. It kills me to cheer for them.

6. This past week I read To Brew or Not to Brew. It's set in Pittsburgh and written by a Pittsburgher. I enjoyed it a lot. 

7. I'm trying to get back to reading. I flipped through the book magazines SP brought me from the library and made several requests. Of course 5 of the 6 requests are now available. So much for keeping the reading pile manageable.

8. To help tackle the reading pile, I just got new glasses! But I'm not happy with them. I hadn't had an eye exam in 6-7 years, so my glasses were 6-7 years old, and since I was having more trouble focusing from near to far, I decided to finally get an exam. He gave me 2 prescriptions, one for reading glasses and one for distance. I decided to not fill the distance one because I don't have trouble seeing distance, just adjusting to distance after reading with my glasses on. I got the reading prescription one filled and I dislike the glasses. A lot. I can only look at stuff reading distance. If SP walks into the room and talks to me and I look at him, he has a blurry, misshapen head. If I glance up from reading to see the clock or look out the window, it hurts my eyes because everything is wavy and blurry and so out of focus I have to close my eyes because it pains them. If I am reading and then the tea water boils, I can't clearly see the tea water to pour it. Constant on & off. 

I'm not sure what to do since I already got the frames and lenses and my insurance only covers one of each per 12 months, but given the cost, I am very unhappy. This horrible distance blur stuff didn't happen with my old glasses. I just got them yesterday, so I think my plan is to read this afternoon and see how I feel, but... I hate how I can't see anything while wearing these glasses except what I am reading. I will not be happy constantly taking them on & off. Grrrrr.

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