Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Crab Cakes (with Old Bay & Capers)

Every time the grocery store runs a Seafood Stock Up Sale, we try to buy a can or two of crab meat to keep on hand. That means we almost always have a can of crab meat in the refrigerator. One of our "go to" meals when we don't have a lot of time is crab cakes. They don't take as much time as you think.
Usually we follow this recipe, but a few weeks ago, we decided to try Joy the Baker's Crab Cakes. Her recipe calls for Old Bay and capers.
You can prep these ahead of time. We made the crab cakes, baked them, and then refrigerated them. When we were ready to eat them, we broiled them in our toaster oven to get the browned, crunchy top. We didn't put melted butter on top before baking/broiling. It was nice to have a week night dinner that simply involved broiling for 5 minutes in the toaster oven then eating. We ate the crab cakes with a salad.
These were good. I like the "bake then broil" method better than "saute in a pan then bake" method because the broiling gives the crab cakes a crunchier crunch. We used only 1/3 the amount of capers and that was plenty (we only had 1 tbsp capers in our jar). Personally, I think 3 tbsp of capers would be too many, but if you really love capers, go for it. My other thought is this: I know that many people use Old Bay for seasoning, especially seafood seasoning. This was my first time ever using Old Bay as a seasoning and I was underwhelmed. It's not my favorite. It's not awful, it is nice for something different, but it's not really my thing. Of course now we have 6 oz to use up (minus the 2.5 tsp we used in these).
Definitely yummy crab cakes.

Recipe here.

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