Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mexican Coffee Pudding

We don't drink coffee in the mornings, but sometimes I will make myself a latte treat in the afternoon. That means keeping milk in the refrigerator, but we don't drink milk, we only use it on the rare occasions we decide to make morning coffee (usually Sunday mornings as we read the paper) or when I make an afternoon coffee. This means that often, even for just a quart of milk with a 2 week expiration from when we buy it, we end up with a good amount of milk about to go bad. This makes me feel incredibly guilty and wasteful.
That was the case a few weeks ago so I suggested we make pudding. Of course I wanted pudding more exciting than vanilla, not chocolate again, and certainly not tapioca or rice (yuck). So I consulted the dessert binder and selected Mexican Coffee Pudding. Coffee and cinnamon flavor - yum!
My one concern was that this pudding recipe doesn't use egg yolks. Like ice creams we make, I find I prefer the richer, creamier puddings and ice creams with yolks to the ones without yolks. But we decided to give it a try anyway. I whisked together the brown sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, and espresso powder, trying to break up our lumpy espresso powder and brown sugar.
Whisking the dry ingredients with the milk and cream.
Finally, a rich coffee color.
The pudding was good, but not great. Either our cornstarch was too old or we didn't cook it long enough because the pudding didn't get very thick. It was kind of thin and runny, which wasn't pleasant because it sort of felt like I was spooning thickened, flavored milk into my mouth. The coffee and cinnamon flavor was great, though. Definitely cover the top of the pudding with plastic wrap to keep any pudding skin from developing.
I'm not sure I'd make this again. I think, once again, it showed me I prefer custardy desserts with yolks, but if you can't have eggs for some reason and want pudding that's not instant, this would be a good option. Just make sure your cornstarch is fresh and that you cook it long enough.

We have since purchased fresh cornstarch and more espresso powder (ours was a little old and clumpy). So maybe we will try it again when the next quart of milk nears expiration.

Recipe here. We didn't make the kahlua whipped cream since it was just for the two of us.

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