Monday, April 18, 2016

Osso Buco

A few weeks ago, SP came home from grocery shopping with a surprise for me: veal. This is noteworthy because I love veal but usually only eat it when we dine out. For SP, veal is like beef: he'll only eat it if we buy happy, organic, antibiotic free, hormone free, untethered, grass fed, free range, pampered and lived a happy life cow. He found some on sale. It was still pricey, so it's definitely a treat when we have it.
Specifically, he bought veal osso buco, cross cut shanks. So we'd be braising. We turned to our trusty Cover & Bake cookbook. It was as we suspected: white wine & chicken stock, the usual braising veggies, and bay leaves. We omitted the garlic.
Browning the veal in olive oil.
Removing the browned veal in order to saute the onions, celery, and carrots.
Adding everything back into the pot: veal, stock, wine (2.5 cups!), canned tomatoes, bay leaves. Then put it in a 325 oven for a couple hours.
The final result:
The veal was so juicy and fell off the bone easily. We actually "lost" a lot of it in the pot and had to fish it out. We didn't top the veal with the gremolata and we ate the veggies that were in the braised liquid. It was really tasty, and definitely something we'd make again if we find veal on sale.
We ate it with risotto and Spring Vegetables with Warm Vinaigrette.

Osso Buco recipe here.

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