Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. This week got off to a rough start. SP sent some time Sunday getting the lawn mower ready since our yard looked terrible only to discover that it is dead. So the lawn was left looking... bad. Very bad. Embarrassingly bad.

2. Then on Monday he tried to leave for work but the car battery was dead. The car battery that was 20 months old. Grrr. Fortunately we had bought it at Costco and they have a good warranty and a pro-rated system and after the swap, we essentially paid nothing for a new battery. But. Still. It lasted only 20 months?!

3. We shared tales of mower woes with our cleaning lady on Tuesday. Her son fixed her mower and she offered to ask him to look at ours. He did, yesterday, and had it up & running in about 5-10 minutes. Yay! No lawn mower shopping this weekend.

4. Of course as soon as the mower was fixed, the lawn guy decided to come start the work we talked about last month. I might get a little annoyed at it sometimes taking him way too long to get to what we want him to do, but when he does, he does an excellent job and he cleans up. The mulch area edges have been redefined, trees and shrubs and plants trimmed and pruned, stumps and roots from long ago removed trees/shrubs ground out, the second garden bed plot dug, lawn mowed - it looks so much better.

5. In fact, it looks so much better that the first comment my mom made today when she stopped by, as soon as she stepped in the front door, was: "J was here! Your lawn looks so much better!" It does, and hopefully he'll get the mulching & woods area clean up done soon, too.

6. Mom dropped off my watch, which needed a new battery. I was a little wishy washy about replacing the battery. I thought maybe I didn't even need a watch anymore. But then I went one weekend without a watch and realized how much I still rely on it. I don't like using my cell phone as a watch. Especially not during a movie or a show.

7. The other evening we watched Spotlight and it was an excellent movie. It made me angry and sad and I cried at the end for so many reasons.

8. The Americans shocked me last night. I did not see that coming. Great episode. Not going to say more because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

9. On Monday my library book pile was up to 7 books. About 1-2 weeks ago, I requested books to read and all were on a wait list, so I figured they'd gradually become available. Nope. They all became available in the same week. I've read one so far: Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery. I really enjoyed the book, but I wish I'd realized it was the second to feature these characters.

10. I have managed to get my magazine pile down to one unread magazine. I read/re-read the April food magazines over the weekend and ripped out the recipes that sounded good.

11. Basketball follow up: North Carolina won their Final Four game, so I lost the bracket challenge to SP. But, Villanova beat NC in the championship, so I was happy because Villanova's coach is a Bucknell graduate and Bucknell is where I went to university.

12. It's April but this weekend it's supposed to be cold again. Ugh. I am ready for warmer weather, to get the patio furniture out, to grill and enjoy a cocktail outside and plant flowers and hang out in the sunroom.

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