Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. Our actual wedding anniversary didn't turn out so romantic and wonderful after my stomach ended up disturbed by something I ate on Saturday. By Sunday afternoon I was having one of the horrible food poisoning cramping / digestive distress episodes. As usual, this one is lasting days, lots of super painful cramping and gurgles and such.

So on Sunday for dinner I ate one cracker while huddled under a blanket in the recliner. SP grilled chicken and shrimp and ate by himself. "For better, for worse, in sickness & in health..."

2. On Wednesday we finally made and ate our apparent annual anniversary dinner: Pasta with Peas & Prosciutto.

3. Other dinners this week have been grilled shrimp and/or chicken with green beans and/or tomatoes. It was so nice to grill this past weekend.

4. I've been sleeping (sitting in pain) a lot but I managed to read Find Her and The Big Rewind. I enjoyed both but Find Her was tough to read because I found it disturbing. I'm glad I made myself finish it. Two more books to read by Saturday. I suspect I'll be renewing one or both of them.

5. This Sunday Game of Thrones returns! There is much excitement in this house.

6. We started watching The Night Manager on AMC. Really like it so far. I haven't read many John le Carré novels, but books/movies of this genre are generally my favorite.

7. Speaking of espionage/thriller stories, I devoured all the Robert Ludlum books in my teen years and in particular am a huge fan of the Jason Bourne novels. So I've watched this trailer a few times already. Can't wait for July!

8. It might only be mid April but we turned the a/c on. Here's the thing: we do not keep the screens in many of our windows. One, it's easier for M to clean our windows when she doesn't have to deal with getting the screens in and out. Two, open windows means more pollen and that means my allergies get really bad. And three, it seems like fewer evil stink bugs get inside because they can't get their evil little legs hooked into the screen and then crawl about and squeeze through wee little cracks. On windows, they're kind of useless and slide off/fall a lot. I prefer my house with fewer stinkies, so we keep the screens off the known bug invasion windows, which, sadly, happen to be the windows we most want to open on warm days.

So since the thermostat said it was 79 inside on Sunday, we turned the a/c on. We keep the a/c set at 78. It helped a lot. It's still on, and still running in the evenings when it hits 79 inside.

We did put a few screens back in because we felt guilty about running the a/c already and decided we'd see how opening the windows would go. The result: we can't open them because there is now a bee trapped between the screen and window in the kitchen. It can't figure out how it got in, and we can't open the window and let it inside.

Should have just left the screen out.

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