Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Espresso Chip Madeleines

Sometimes I check out cookbooks from the library, just to see if I like them enough to buy them. Recently I checked out Madeleines: Elegant French Tea Cakes to Bake and Share by Barbara Feldman Morse. There are a lot of yummy sounding madeleine recipes. We decided to try the Espresso Chip Madeleines.
Like our usual madeleines, they were easy to make. We made them one evening after dinner.
We had a fresh jar of espresso powder to make the "espresso paste" (which was more like a liquid than paste).
After our bundt cake sticking issue, SP bought a can of Pam with flour and used it to grease & flour the madeleine pans. Much as I dislike greasing every nook and cranny of bunt pans and madeleine pans, I'm just not sure about this cooking spray with flour. Something about it makes me all "eewww yuck." But it's much easier and less time consuming.
Our madeleine molds were filled quite high, higher than normal, and we still didn't use all the batter. They smelled delicious as they baked.
They didn't develop the hump that madeleines are supposed to have and the shell lines weren't quite as pronounced.
Soft coffee-chocolate madeleines. Despite these being two of my favorite flavors, these madeleines didn't blow me away. They had a great coffee flavor and the chips were a nice addition but these got sticky wet quickly.
After they cooled, I sprinkled them with powdered sugar and put them in a container. By the next morning, all the powdered sugar had been absorbed into the cookies. They were sticky wet and left cake residue on every surface they touched. I found that sticky-wet thing to be the reason I never much liked the Lemon-Almond Madeleines we used to make, so I was disappointed to discover these were the same.
These were worth trying, but I don't think we'll make them again because I didn't like the stickiness and I much prefer regular madeleines to these ones.

Recipe here.

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