Monday, May 23, 2016

Industry Public House (North Fayette)

Going out to dinner this past Saturday was a disaster. It was drizzling, which stinks for me because rain means a wet transfer slide board which means I have a really, really difficult time getting in & out of car, usually getting "stuck" on the wet board. Also, thanks to sitting in a wheelchair, while I can wear a raincoat with hood to keep my head and upper body dry, there's not much I can do about my legs. They get very damp. Sometimes sopping. Sometimes I hold an umbrella over them, but that can be problematic, and once I tried draping a plastic rain poncho over them, but if not carefully arranged, it can catch in the wheel spokes and cause problems.

So it was very reluctantly that I agreed to leave the house Saturday for dinner. Mostly it was because SP wanted to try somewhere new to us and I thought, well, why not, I really should get out of the house. So we went to Industry Public House in North Fayette. It's in the building that used to be Don Pablo. They use the No Wait app and the app said Come On In, so we were happy because at least there wouldn't be a wait for dinner.
When we arrived, we saw the yellow caution tape. It looked like it was draped across the wheelchair access curb cuts. SP got out to investigate and sure enough, that path was blocked off. Grrr. But he swore the curb wouldn't be a problem. We do sometimes go up/down a curb but try to avoid high ones. I was not happy because the curb in front of the entrance is a high curb, and it was raining and very wet so potentially slippery, but SP got me up OK. Once inside, we waited in a short line. When it was our turn, we were told it was a 30-40 minute wait. Seriously?!! I had checked No Wait on our drive over, we live 8 minutes away, and we arrived about 5 minutes after I checked and it said Come On In. So SP & I looked at each other, then looked at them, and at the same time informed them that the app said to Come On In. The response? Oh, that isn't updating right now. ? Uh huh. But the other restaurants in the area that use the app were updating. They all showed varying wait times.

So I was super annoyed. I decided to ask why the curb cuts were blocked off. They cheerfully responded that they were making an outdoor patio.

I was wet. Annoyed for many reasons. And I snapped. Because my choices were to wait 30-40 minutes or leave, hungry, back out into the rain, go down a high curb in a wheelchair because they blocked off the curb cuts, and find somewhere else to eat. I think I may have actually looked at them and told them I was very *issed off and then I snapped at SP that we were out of there because no way were we waiting to eat at that place. So we left.

SP tweeted, with the above photo: "Not cool, @IndustryPGH - blocking off all the curb cuts?"

They replied: IndustryPGH ‏@IndustryPGH  May 21 The curb cutouts are very much accessible. The caution tape is four feet in.

That response surprised us because we had just been there.

So SP replied. The rest of the conversation:

‏From SP:  May 21 @IndustryPGH if that's the case I apologize, but the tape definitely looked to be *in front of* the curb cuts (which is why I posted a pic)

IndustryPGH ‏@IndustryPGH  May 21 we just poured fresh concrete for our new outdoor seating space. Please stop by in a few weeks and enjoy a cold craft outdoors.

‏SP: May 21 @IndustryPGH Sounds cool, but in the meantime that tape definitely does block the cuts. (photo included)

No apology, no sorry, just that the curb cuts weren't blocked because the tape was 4 feet back. Um, really? And then, perhaps, a sort of possible admission? SP & I differ there. He says maybe yes, I say no, just an explanation (fresh concrete).

Do not tweet what is not true especially something as easily verifiable as this.

After our delicious dinner at Bakn, for which we used No Wait and which had our table ready when we arrived, complete with a regular chair removed to make space for the wheelchair, we went back and took these photos.

I think they both prove that the yellow caution tape is not 4 feet back and leaving room for a wheelchair to get by. The tape is, in fact, blocking the entire front walk and both curb cuts. The only area not cordoned off is directly in front of the entrance. It was not at all wheelchair accessible. If it was someone in a wheelchair by themselves, or someone in a power wheelchair, they would not have been able to get in at all.

Between the app saying Come On In when there was really a 30-40 minute wait, the lack of accessibility, and the restaurant tweeting that we were wrong, the tape was 4 feet back (when it clearly wasn't), I'm pretty sure I never want to set foot in this place and I give them 0 stars. That might be harsh, but it does look like they could have left a pathway for a wheelchair (the concrete area that was not just poured, as you can see in the photo). A restaurant is more than just food & drinks, it's customer service, too. Service was lacking. Whether the customer is right or wrong, you offer an apologetic tone for their unhappiness, you don't attempt to shame them with incorrect information.

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  1. The caution tape appears to be about 4 feet back from the curb cuts, just on the wrong side to be usable. ;)