Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. It's Thursday, again, already.

2. It's pouring right now, but happily, just before the downpour, the yard guy came and mowed. The yard looked disgraceful. We still need him to mulch and weed and finish some trimming but at least the dandelion field is gone. For now.

3. Last Saturday was a blur of errands. Our day: Macy's > Hallmark > Bed, Bath & Beyond > Home Depot > Burgatory > Walmart > Lowe's > Bank > AAA > Library > Costco > Market District. We were out from 10:30 am until 5:30-6 pm. All that and we still haven't sorted out the patio furniture/umbrella/front porch bench issues. Or bought more pots for herbs.

4. I've been feeling blah this week, really tired and lots of naps, so I haven't read any books or magazines or watched any movies.

5. Over the weekend, we watched Concussion, which we thought was quite good. It made me angry with the NFL. I'm having a hard time sorting out my love of football and the violence/potential devastating brain issues from the game.

6. Along with Game of Thrones & The Night Manager, we're really enjoying The Americans and the new season of Orphan Black. This morning I watched the first of the final episodes of Person of Interest. I was lost for a good part of the episode because I couldn't remember all the characters and what they last were doing.

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