Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

1. This just might be the weekend we move our garden from the dining room table to the garden bed outside. Today SP is bringing home tarragon, spearmint, rosemary, and 2 kinds of tomato plants from Grow Pittsburgh. I'm really looking forward to fresh herbs and home grown veggies.

2. I'm also looking forward to berry season. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. Not mention cherries and watermelon and all the other summer fruits (even though you can buy them year round, they're much tastier in season). Bye-bye breakfast bananas.

3. I moved my stuffed Iceburgh from my office to the living room for the Penguins-Tampa Bay Lightning series. Then the Pens lost Game 1. So I moved him back into my office. The Pens won Games 2 & 3. Coincidence? SP says no. He mocks me. But... if the Pens win 4 games and move to the finals, Iceburgh is staying in my office. Once they hoist the Stanley Cup, he can come out & play.

4. I'm anxious to see how The Night Manager ends next Tuesday. I have no idea if the show is following the book or not, I haven't read the book, so I don't know if Pine will defeat Roper or the other way around.

5. I'm not sad to see Castle end, it was always unrealistic and it was awful when they split Castle & Beckett. The ending was unsatisfying and felt like the fans were cheated. Seriously, that guy was the big bad Locksat?!

6. Game of Thrones - the episodes have been great so far this season. The first and last scenes of the last episode - so good. We watched them a couple of times! I think I read that HBO has said season 6, then 2 more shortened seasons totaling 13 episodes. A finite end date is so much better than an open ended show. It makes for better writing and story telling. Take notice, Quantico, as your 22 episode season was slow and bloated and annoying and frustrating. I think the story could have been better told in fewer episodes rather than all that unnecessary, drawn out drama filler crap to stretch it to 22 episodes. There are other shows I feel are guilty of the same things, not just Quantico, but that is the one that springs to mind. Be more like American Crime and The Night Manager. I think that's why I tend to enjoy the shows like Justified and The Americans and Fargo so much more than stuff on the "big 4" networks. Shorter seasons. No wondering if they're going to "get" 10 episodes or 22 episodes.

7. I had my long awaited, long dreaded, and long stressed over doctor appointment this week. I really like this doctor (first time seeing this kind of doctor). Even better, after the exam, she said I don't have possibility #1 nor possibility #2 (though I am still high risk for developing one or both) and there is no need to further investigate the symptoms from last Jan-Feb unless they occur again with greater frequency. I cannot tell you how happy I was. I think I clapped my hands in joyful celebration in the doctor office. I feel like such a weight has been lifted. Now we just need to get through another new doctor appointment for me next week and then SP's surgery follow up test in June.

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