Monday, June 27, 2016

Chicken with Herb Roasted Tomatoes & Pan Sauce

It's getting warmer. And busier. We always seem extra busy in summer and have less time to devote to time-consuming dishes. Even if it's something hands-off that simmers or braises for a few hours, we often don't even have a few afternoon hours for that. So we usually turn to chicken breasts, baked or grilled or sauteed. But they can be boring, they need a sauce, a topping, and after a while, even our ususal toppings/sauces become boring.
I was adding more ripped out recipes to my binders when I saw this one: Chicken with Herb Roasted Tomatoes & Pan Sauce. Lots of tomatoes. Roasted. With herbs de provence, of which we have a large canister since my mom decided she wasn't going to use it.
Small tomatoes roast quickly. I love roasted tomatoes, especially if the tomatoes aren't at their best. We usually buy the grape/cherry tomatoes from Costco and they are usually pretty good.
Lots of juice, a splash of vinegar, some Worcestershire, some shallot.
And the sliced, cooked chicken breasts.
We followed the advice of many reviewers and used only 1 tbsp, not 2 tbsp, of herbs de provence, and it was plenty. Our fresh parsley & fresh tarragon weren't big enough to use so we used dried. There are lots of tasty herbs in this dish.
This was a huge hit. It definitely needs a bread or rice alongside to absorb/soak up all the tomato juice/acidity. We chose rice. We made some zoodles for the vegetable. This dish reheats nicely (15-20 minutes at 350 in our toaster oven). The tomatoes and their juices help to keep it juicy.
Definitely a make again dinner. We are, sadly, almost out of herbs de provence. I never thought it was something I'd want to keep in the spice/herb drawer but we seem to use it a lot. It's great to liven up plain roasted chicken or turkey. We use it on chicken breasts that we slice and eat atop salad. We use it on the turkey breast we roast for my lunch. And now we'll be using it on roasted tomatoes with chicken.

Recipe here.

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