Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

June 4
1. Two weeks ago, everything was nicely trimmed, looked neat, nothing was growing into its neighbor. Now look at it! This photo is from last Saturday. The catmint is taking over the walkway, but the bees are happy because they LOVE the catmint. The roses are blooming. The daylilies have buds. But somehow, even though it's early June, it all looks over-grown and out of control already. SP did some trimming yesterday. At least now the walkway isn't in danger of disappearing under the catmint. Until next week.
June 8
2. I finished reading City of Mirrors and thought it was a great third book in Cronin's trilogy. I thought it nicely wrapped the stories of the characters and answered questions about the future. SP is reading it now and I can't wait until he's done so we can talk about it.

3. My mom made lasagna last weekend and brought us some. We're having it for dinner tonight. Mmmmmm mom's lasagna.

4. Hockey! Monday's game was exciting and I am excited for tonight. Just one more win!

5. Last weekend we watched The Danish Girl. We both enjoyed the movie and thought the acting was terrific.

6. We've had our a/c on for days, maybe even weeks, but yesterday morning & this morning it was cold and I wanted to turn on the heat!
Kale never looks appetizing in photos
7. This week we've been eating a lot of arugula from the garden. It's a little too peppery for me. We also made kale chips from a lot of kale.
It's not the super curly kale. Kale chips are pretty much the only preparation of kale I like.

8. SP handled the wasp nest under the deck but there are 2-3 bird nests and when he walks under the deck, he is loudly chirped at. The plan is to leave them for now because there might be eggs/young birds but eventually, those nests are going down the hill. I don't like birds and the prospect of an increased bird population does not please me since they already poop way too much on the deck and driveway and fly into our windows, often killing themselves.

9. The bug/critter war has begun. The ant traps are out. The spray is being sprayed. Last week I had a girlie freak out over the many legged, super fast creepy crawly in the kitchen and made SP kill it. The next night I backed away from the kitchen table, saw his eyes tracking something as I saw it out of the corner of my eye: a wasp. Inside. Flitting around near my bare feet. Killed that guy, too. I've never been stung by anything and do not wish to ever be stung.

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