Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

A few weeks ago I was studying the contents of our refrigerator. Sometimes stuff gets shoved in the back, hidden behind other stuff, and then when it is rediscovered, it's, well, gross. Toxic. A lab experiment. So I try to be good about taking a quick inventory on trash night and lining everything up neatly so we can see it all. By the next trash night a week later, it's all a mess and I repeat the process. Usually. Sometimes I forget or don't feel like doing it and by the time I do get around to doing it, the lab experiments have started. Yuck.
That's what led to me thinking about a way to use the leftover ricotta that didn't involve pasta. Since I had recently been flipping through Mario Batali's Farm to Table, Raspberry Ricotta Pancakes came to mind and we planned to make them for brunch one Sunday. Of course I didn't actually read the recipe ahead of time and Saturday night I discovered we were lacking a few ingredients. Oops. But then I remembered a recipe from Cook's Illustrated for Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. I checked and we had everything.
So we made them. They're a little extra work because the recipe involves whipping egg whites. It's so worth it and it's not too much extra work if you use a stand mixer. These are my new favorite pancakes.
Light, airy, fluffy, lemony, sweet enough to not need syrup, not too thin, not too thick, not dry but not wet. We couldn't get enough of these. They'd be good with a fruit served alongside or on top, but I ate the fruit (and bacon) before the pancakes were ready, so I ate my pancakes plain. It was just the two of us so we weren't going for a picture perfect brunch with food all ready at the same time and plated nicely. You can't possibly cook bacon and place a plate of it on the table in front of me and expect me to wait until everything else is ready before diving into the bacon.
We don't make breakfast/brunch too often, but these are now at the top of the list for Sunday brunch at home.

Recipe here.

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