Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rigatoni with Lamb Ragu & Mint

Four years ago when we were in San Diego, I ate a delicious pasta-lamb-mint dish. We've been trying to make an almost equally delicious version at home. We've tried a few, but they were just OK. They haven't come close to tasting as delicious as that meal. When SP received a copy of Mario Batali's America-Farm To Table, I discovered a lamb-pasta-mint recipe inside. I added it to my list of summer meals to try (even though it was still winter). I had to wait for a fresh mint on the deck season. A couple weeks ago, with the mint growing huge in its pot, we decided to try Rigatoni with Lamb Ragu & Mint.
As usual, I was in charge of washing and chopping. SP cubed the meat and made the tomato sauce. Then he started cooking the meal. It's easy, just saute/brown add ingredients in a pot, add the liquid ingredients, and simmer for a while.
Cook the pasta:
Mix it all together, stir in 24 fresh mint leaves (yes, the recipe says 24, so I counted out 24), and enjoy.
This was really, really good. Bright and fresh with all that fresh mint - there's mint chopped and simmered in the sauce in addition to the whole leaves added at the end. Salty pancetta. Tender lamb. A quick, easy, basic tomato sauce. And some red wine. We'll definitely make this again.

Recipe here.

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