Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend we went to see South Pacific and then ate dinner at Butcher & the Rye. It had been a while since we had been there (since last Christmas Eve!) so I was really looking forward to the cauliflower-harissa-farro, 4 cheese mac & cheese, lamb neck sauce & bread, and Brussels sprouts plus the cocktails - Brown Derby (bourbon, grapefruit, honey) for me and Bee's Knees (gin, lemon, honey) for SP. So good.
SP has been going to the Farmers Market on Fridays. This time, he bought corn, peaches, and tomatoes. We ate some of each on Sunday along with grilling some lamb:
For later in the week, we grilled burgers & some shrimp which we turned into Shrimp Salad.
Our big "home improvement/maintenance" project started this week. We are having the roof replaced, a new skylight installed, the chimney repaired, old wood soffit-fascia replaced with vinyl, and all new gutters & downspouts with a gutter guard installed. The workers were here two mornings at 6:30 am, which, yay, glad they came bright & early to work but boo because it has been very, very noisy at what is, for us, a very, very early hour. SP is lucky he got to escape to work. I did not enjoy Tuesday when the workers were here 12 hours and it was almost constant stampeding, stomping elephant noise above me. Not even ear plugs helped. At times, the whole house shook. The project is 80% done (they say) and the next 20% will be done next week. I'm going to enjoy 4 days of quiet before the next round of stomping & hammering.

TV this week: The roof project means that the satellite dish is down so we are limited to over the air channels, Netflix, and DVDs until the middle of next week. Normally I wouldn't mind in the summer BUT this summer it means I couldn't record/missed the season finale of Animal Kingdom last Tuesday and our The Night Of viewing is going to be interrupted (unless we watch on a computer, which is something I do not like doing).

We've been watching the Olympics but, as usual, I end up frustrated & annoyed at the coverage.

I binge watched Madam Secretary Season 2 last week. Now I'm all caught up and ready for Season 3.

Books this week: I started, but have not finished, Major Petigrew's Last Stand. So far, I
am enjoying it. I also read all the current issues of my magazines.

Broken Stuff: Last week I smashed apart (completely destroyed - it was in pieces) my bluetooth earbud for the cell phone when I knocked it off the desk. Mt first world problem: actually holding my cell phone to talk. It's just wide enough and my hands just small enough that it is very uncomfortable. So we had to buy me a new bluetooth earbud.

More broken stuff: I woke up one morning last week to SP telling me the router died. Yes, another first world problem. No wi-fi. So we replaced that. It arrived last night and all is right with the world again. OK, to be fair, SP pulled out an ancient router (see, wife, aren't you glad now that I save every single electronic device/computer part I've ever owned in the basement?) so we were OK until the brand new one arrived.

Annoying thing: This year I finally had the windows cleaned inside & outside. Within a few weeks a bird bombed, big time, one of the windows. Huge bomb. Unbelievable. Four years of filthy windows and no bird interest. Four weeks of clean, shiny windows and splat. Of course it's on one of the higher, more difficult to reach windows, not an easy, ground level window. I hate birds.

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