Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

The roof project is ongoing. It's been a little frustrating. We had to contact the electric company to disconnect power while they replaced the fascia where the power line connects to the house. EC insisted the disconnect had to be arranged days in advance but the roofing schedule depends on emergencies & weather so they couldn't give us a definite day with a lot of advance notice. EC also couldn't tell us the disconnect fee over the phone - ?! They said we had to make the request and then wait for a tech to call us and tell us the fee. The roofers said they only needed it disconnected for 10-15 minutes. EC said they don't hang around, they leave and then you have to call when you want them to come back. Then they told us they couldn't schedule the disconnect until we paid the fee and they would not accept payment via credit card, it had to be a check, and unless we wanted to wait for snail mail, we had to hand deliver it to their office. The fee? You don't even want to know. It was way more than I expected. I feel fleeced.

So SP hand delivered a check to EC. It was scheduled for the desired roofing day. But then the roofers said they weren't coming that day. So we had to reschedule with EC. Everyone arrived on the scheduled day, power was disconnected, and roofers were told that EC would be back in 45~60 minutes to reconnect. Did they get the one piece of fascia, the one that was supposed to take 10-15 minutes to install, installed? No. So EC left, again, and came back 30 minutes later. Fortunately the work was done & my head exploding was averted. But seriously people - it took you 1.5 hours to do 10-15 minutes of work after you were told to do it ASAP because the house was without power.

So. Progress on the last 20% of the project is slow. Nothing much happened yesterday due to rain and they are starting late today because they had to go on an emergency call. They are supposed to be here now but I don't hear them. Huh.

Of course after being without power for 1.5 hours Tuesday morning, early Tuesday evening a wicked storm blew through and knocked out power to the neighborhood for 4 hours. Ugh. So SP had to stop and get dinner on his way home. Dining on DiBella's by candlelight was not very romantic. It was more squinting to see your food and then gazing out the window looking for the EC truck (we knew where the downed line was). Of course power was restored just as we gave up and started to get ready for bed.

So. Fun week.

Books: I finished reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand and started Brighton.

TV: Well we sort of had satellite service - SD, not HD, and OTA channels, but moments before The Night Of Sunday night, we lost all signal so we've been watching Netflix all week. Hopefully, this will be fixed tomorrow, but who knows if the roofers will be done working in that area. We just finished episode 7 of OITNB Season 4 and episode 4 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Movies: We saw Suicide Squad over the weekend. I'm also catching up on Netflix DVDs I've had for 2-3 months. I watched Joy, Triple 9, and Eye in the Sky.

Dinners this week: Zucchini & Goat Cheese Tart, Ribs, Macaroni Salad, garden tomatoes, DiBella's subs, and leftover food from dinner last Saturday.

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