Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Zucchini & Goat Cheese Tart

Ever since my mom gave me a copy of Ina Garten's Make It Ahead, there has been one recipe I've really, really wanted to try: Zucchini & Goat Cheese Tart. We finally made it.
Mostly, I fell in love with her beautiful photos of overlapping, concentric zucchini. But also, goat cheese. Yum. On homemade tart crust. Yum. And also, it's zucchini season & we had 3 from the garden.
Our tart did not turn out round. It also used more than 1.5 lbs of zucchini (more like 2+ lbs). And, our zucchini slices were not the same diameter. Funny thing about garden zucchini: some are skinny, some are fat, some are fat on one end and skinny on the other, or skinny on the ends and bulging in the middle.
Since our zucchini were "misshapen," I had some trouble slicing them. They kept wobbling around. So some slices are thin and others thicker and some are half slices. Whatever. Just makes the tart look more rustic and homey, right?
Did we use more than 8 oz goat cheese? Of course. We weren't going to slice off 2 oz from a 10 oz log and save it. Did we use more than 1 tsp fresh thyme? Absolutely. We weren't going waste thyme we went out in rain to snip. More than 1/4 tsp grated lemon? Of course. Zest from an entire small-ish lemon.
Was our goat cheese creamy? Debatable. It was more crumbly than creamy. Maybe it would have been creamier if it had sat out at room temperature longer.
Did I spread the goat cheese over the tart? Well I tried to but owing to slightly warm & soft tart crust and slightly cold & crumbly goat cheese it was more of a gentle smushing of goat cheese.
Was our tart round? No. I think SP started out intending to roll a round crust but as he rolled the dough, it became apparent that a rectangle shape was more easily achieved. Above photo, ready to bake. Below photo, baked.
We used a pizza cutter to slice it into 8 wedges. I think this is meant to be an appetizer, but we made it our meal.
Delicious, crisp, flaky, golden crust. Lemony, thyme goat cheese, creamy at last from baking. And cooked circles of zucchini piled on top of one another.
It might not have been round. The goat cheese might not have been creamy. And the zucchini were of varying thickness and diameter. But it still tasted darn good. We'd definitely make this again.

Recipe here.

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