Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - Peace, Love, & Little Donuts

I don't have many Thursday Thoughts today besides donuts. Recently, Peace, Love, & Little Donuts opened up on Steubenville Pike here in Robinson. There are several locations. I think the first one was in The Strip. Anyway, we were excited to have a donut place open up near us. Sure, Pink House (Better Maid) is near us, but PL&LD is even closer. Close enough that SP can run over in the morning, buy donuts, and bring them home for me before he leaves for work. Better Maid is on the way to work so it's not convenient to run out and then come home and then go to work.
He got 6 small donuts. All the donuts are the same, it's what you ask for on top that makes them different and gives them flavor. He asked for 2 maple-bacon, 1 cherry cheesecake, 1 blueberry pancake, 1 lemon ginger, and 1 coffee cake. All were good. I would have liked the blueberry pancake one better without the hint of maple (unless that was just a neighboring donut flavoring it, but I don't think so). The maple-bacon was our favorite.
We're glad to have a donut place in the neighborhood.

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