Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

I haven't felt like writing this week. I've been busy doing other things and just haven't felt like taking the time to blog. I'm glad that I don't earn money from the blog, it's just a hobby, it's not my income, so if it feels like "work" I can just ignore it for a while.

We met with the roof guy, signed the final paperwork, and paid for the project. So it's officially done.

Thanks to The Steel Trap I now know that Cheetos Chicken Fries are a thing at Burger King. You can read her review here. I admire her courage to taste test these. I never liked and still don't like Cheetos. I haven't eaten at Burger King in 20+ years. I'm guessing "chicken fries" = chicken nuggets and after watching a Jamie Oliver show about what exactly is in a chicken nugget, well, there's no way I'm ever eating a chicken nugget/chicken fry. (Yes, I ate them when I was a kid and I loved them, especially when dipped in those high fructose corn syrup sauces.)

Meals This Week: Rigatoni with Lamb Ragu & Fresh Mint for 3 dinners and grilled bratwurst on leftover hot dog buns with grilled zucchini & garden tomatoes on the side for 2-3 dinners. Dessert is Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies.

TV Update: The new TV season starts next week and we still have a lot of recordings we meant to watch but didn't watch. Sunday night was the 2 hour finale of BrainDead, which we ended up liking for a light summer show. Monday night was the Steelers game. The next 2 nights we spent watching some shows recorded from Food Network plus the premiere of the new season of Worst Cooks in America.

We also watched a few more shows on Smithsonian Channel. We watched The Codebreaker Who Hacked Hitler, a couple shows about Buckingham Palace, and World War II Spy School.

Last Saturday we watched the Pitt-Penn State football game. They played for the first time in a long time. This game used to be such a big deal, such a rivalry. I remember my best friend and I making bets on which team would win when we were in middle school. I'm a Pitt fan, she's a PSU fan (her dad taught there and she went there).

My dad & brother went to Pitt and when I was a kid, my parents bought season tickets for the family so I went to a lot of games. We always went to the Cathedral of Learning to hang out before the games then we'd walk up Cardiac Hill to Pitt Stadium and watch the game then on the way home we'd stop for dinner at a restaurant in Bridgeville. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but my brother & I always got pizza and then the sundae bar for dessert.

I was sad when Pitt Stadium was torn down and I think the current students are missing out since the football games aren't played on campus but at Heinz Field now.

Anyway, Pitt won.

Movie Update: We finally watched some DVDs I've had since May/June. Legend (Tom Hardy was great but the movie itself was just meh), Zootopia, which was a lot of fun, and Secret in Their Eyes (which was a good story but I found myself at times thinking the movie was a little slow).

Books Update: None. I have 2 from the library and 1 request ready for pick up.

Magazines: Nothing new, still enjoying the ones that came last week.

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