Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Happy First Day of Autumn!

I guess that means I won't complain about pumpkin spice everything now. And apple spice. And fall decor. Especially since I got my fall decorations out and the house now smells like apple and cider candles.

But I better not walk into a mall and hear Christmas music or see a decorated Christmas tree.

Meals This Week: Coq au Vin and grilled cheese-tomato-bacon sandwiches. We had to thaw a package of bacon for the coq au vin but only used a portion of it in that dish, so we decided to fry the rest and have a super quick and easy dinner of grilled cheese with bacon and tomatoes from our garden. Yes, we're still getting a few cherry tomatoes.

TV Update: We finished watching Bloodline Season 2 and wow! Didn't see that ending. Can't wait to see what happens in season 3 and how things end since the 3rd season is supposed to be the final season.

We're already a little behind on the new TV season because we were finishing Bloodline. Last night we watched the new show Designated Survivor and we liked it enough to continue watching. But I kept yelling at the TV for Kiefer to turn into Jack Bauer to kick some *** instead of this meek and mild Kiefer!

I also gave This Is Us a try. I liked it even though it made me cry. I think I'll stick with it.

Movie Update: None. I did, however, watch parts of Jurassic World several times this week when I flipped by and it was on. I never tire of watching dinosaurs eat stupid people.

Book Update: I read The Inseperables by Stuart Nadler and Under the Harrow by Flynn Berry. Both were good and held my attention.

Magazines: A new Food & Wine arrived. Sometimes I don't enjoy it very much because of the focus on wine. I like wine, but living in PA with its archaic liquor laws and limited selection means I feel like reading some of the articles is a waste of my time. Also, reading about wineries in France & Italy? Kind of interesting, but it's not like I frequently go to those countries. If I do get there, I'm going to be more focused on being a tourist and sight-seeing than seeking out these wines and wineries. Even Napa, which I've visited and enjoyed, doesn't hold much interest for me these days as it has changed so much since I was there.

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