Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Home from Seattle

Seattle & Mount Rainier from the Great Wheel
In late August, we decided to take a vacation to Seattle. Seattle has been on our vacation list for a very long time. We had a trip planned to Seattle in 2013, but then I broke my hip and we had to cancel the trip. Since then, Seattle always kept "losing out" to other vacation destinations. We decided it was time to finally cross it off the list! 
View from Smith Tower
We've been home from Seattle for 5 days now and I'm still trying to get back to normal! We had a great time there. SP lived there a long time ago and he had a great time seeing what stayed the same, what changed, and giving me a tour of his old neighborhood. We went for nearly 2 weeks so we got to see a lot and no one day was super busy and tiring. 
We spent a lot of time at Pike Place Market, eating and drinking our way around.

We also went to:
Chihuly Garden & Glass (never tire of looking at Chihuly glass)
EMP Museum (Yes, I paid extra & saw the Star Trek exhibit. I am a good wife.)
Wandered around Pioneer Square & toured Smith Tower 
Klondike Gold Rush Park/Museum (neither of us had realized the role Seattle played in the gold rush to Alaska/northwest Canada)
Watched boats move through the Chittenden Locks and looked for salmon
Wandered around the Waterfront & rode the Great Wheel
Gazed at the water from Olympic Sculpture Park
Experienced information overload at the Museum of Flight (so interesting - we could have used 2 days here)
Watched people play chess, Jenga, and Connect Four in Westlake Park
We slept in late, walked around a lot, relaxed in parks a lot, ate a lot, and drank a lot of tea (from Starbucks, where else?!).
Seattle has eyeball benches, too
As usual on vacations, we also made some "day trips" for more sight-seeing:
Olympic National Park (we spent 2 days driving around & stayed in a cabin at Kalaloch Lodge)
Bellevue (where SP used to work/live - I got to see his old apartment and where he used to hang out)
Gorgeous sunny day at Mount Rainier
SP didn't get to go to an amusement park on this trip but he did get to geek out at the Museum of Flight & the Northwest Railway Museum (and at that Star Trek exhibit). I like to tease him but truthfully, I thought both were really interesting. I think my inner nerd came out. I enjoyed seeing the first planes and planes throughout history and seeing the old rail cars. I loved riding the train and the falls were beautiful:
Snoqualmie Falls
I am very happy that we had as many rain-free days as we did. In fact, it only rained on us our first night in Olympic National Park when we walked from our cabin to the bluff overlooking the water and then to the lodge for dinner. The only other rain managed to fall while we were inside a museum or driving in a car, not when we were walking around. We had a good number of sunny days which means we were able to see Mount Rainier in the distance when we were in Seattle.
Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park
 We also were able to get together with some friends who live in the area. Seeing old friends and enjoying long meals eating & catching up is always nice.
Olympic National Park - beautiful even when cloudy/gloomy and chilly
 The only bad thing about vacation was that the cold I started to get before we left became a "real" cold so we had to stop at a Walgreens near the hotel and buy ridiculously over-priced cold medicine. I may have spent the drive to Mount Rainier with tissues shoved up my nose to stop the drips! And then, of course, we sat next to a people with the plague on both flights home so SP is now sick and I think I am getting sick again. I don't understand how the sick people always end up sitting next to us on plane flights.
Seattle & Mount Rainier from Space Needle
I'm really glad we finally made it to Seattle. It's a great city and the Pacific Northwest is beautiful. I had a great time (in spite of my cold) and I hope SP did, too. Hopefully someday we'll get back to see the things we didn't see, revisit our favorites, and see old friends again.

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