Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

I finally accepted that it's time for pumpkin spice everything but then the magazines with Thanksgiving recipes started arriving and I'm annoyed again because of turkey, stuffing, and green bean overkill. Can we just wait until Halloween is over before we talk turkey?

The kitchen faucet is replaced. The installation proved difficult, so we ended up calling a plumber. So fixing a drippy/leaky faucet ended up costing us close to $500 total. Sometimes owning a home stinks.

But the new faucet looks a lot nicer, so, yay. I guess.

I had blood work done this week and while there is no visible bruise, my arm has been aching a lot. My mom was here the day I got it done and she called me a wimp.

Mom came over for the yearly cleaning of the dining room hutch. We take everything out and wash it. The glass shelves and mirrors get a good cleaning. The brass gets polished. All done for another year.

Meals This Week:
  • We decided to make the German barley & bratwurst soup (Graupensuppe) using the last 2 bratwurst in the freezer. Unfortunately, even though they were labeled bratwurst, when SP went to grill them, he discovered they were actually Italian sausage. So we made German barley & Italian sausage soup for 2 dinners. It's not bad but not great!
  • We also grilled shrimp and made caponata for 2 dinners.
  • Our final 2 dinners are grilled chicken and steamed broccoli.
  • Dessert is either nothing, popcorn, or blondies from the freezer.
TV Update: I tried to give up on Westworld. I planned to send SP to the basement (mancave) until Quantico, but then I realized that the show I wanted to watch wouldn't be on until late because of CBS sports and I had nothing else to watch, so he ended up staying upstairs with me and we watched Westworld. I still don't like it much. And I'm iffy on Quantico. It could be so much better. SP & I have started picking on it and laughing at it when we watch.

We recorded The Walking Dead but because I know we won't watch until December and because I just needed to know, I went and discovered who got killed. Now I think I might quit TWD. It always bugged me a bit. So depressing & sad all the time, full of despair and no hope.

Movie Update: None. Unless you count trying to watch the remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and deleting it from the DVR after 15 minutes. Some movies you just shouldn't remake.

Book Update: I read Tangled Up In Brew by Joyce Tremel and enjoyed it.

Magazines: I had it down to 1 magazine but then some new issues arrived. So it's back to 4.

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