Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Birthday & Election Thoughts

It's November 8. Many years ago, I was born on Sunday, November 8 (a few weeks early - I should have been a Thanksgiving baby like my grandparents were). My dad always says I was born after Pitt lost to Notre Dame and before the Steelers beat the Jets. I have no idea how he remembers that.

It's also Election Day. Not just any November Election Day, but Presidential Election Day. I didn't realize just how much I cared who won until a few weeks ago when I started feeling anxious and panicked. One day I nearly cried at the thought of one candidate winning and the other losing. Maybe it was just girl hormones.

SP has been threatening to take away my access to the internet and TV to force me to stop looking at election coverage. I tend to get a little agitated when I read election news. We haven't been watching the 11 pm news because we cannot take listening to election coverage. We haven't been watching any live TV because we cannot stand the election ads. 

It's also a hockey night in Pittsburgh. SP and and bunch of friends share season tickets and he attends several games every season. They hold a "draft" to select games. This year, he somehow picked, and got, tickets to a game on my birthday. I told him it was OK to go, but of course I'm going to give him a hard time and guilt him.

So SP is celebrating my birthday with his brother at the Pens game.

I'm celebrating at home, all by myself, dining on my usual lunch of roasted turkey with Swiss cheese on a toasted English muffin and for dinner, a thawed piece of my mom's lasagna. I don't even have a special treat for dessert because he won't get home until it's too late for dessert.

He also made me promise that if I turned on the TV I wouldn't watch the election news. I'm not sure what else there is to watch. I guess the hockey game.

Birthdays definitely get less exciting the older you get.

Hopefully I'll get a great birthday present and the awful candidate will lose. 


  1. Happy birthday wishes from Africa. I do hope you still have a good day and a wonderful life

  2. Happy birthday wishes from Africa. I do hope you still have a good day and a wonderful life