Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

October ended and now it's November. Not sure how I feel about that! It seems like it cannot possibly be November already. Monday was Halloween but given our track record of only 1-2 trick-or-treaters each year for the past 8 years, we decided to keep the lights off and hide!

November is always busy because of my birthday, Thanksgiving, and friends/family visiting. This year won't be any different. Plus, there's the added excitement of the upcoming Presidential Election. The election is the same day as my birthday. Ugh.

I remember my 18th birthday was on Election Day in a presidential election year, and that is when I voted for the very first time, taking a bus from college campus to the voting place. When I lived abroad, I voted absentee ballot in elections. You have to vote - that's how this thing called democracy works. But I know a lot of people who don't want to vote this year. This year, everything about the election and candidates and all of it is just utterly disheartening and annoying and stress-inducing. I can't even read tweets or news headlines right now. I sure hope this country makes the right choice. I guess we'll have a good idea by the next Thursday Thoughts post.

Meals This Week:
Crab Cakes with Red Pepper Sauce and Green Bean & Tomato Casserole
Sloppy Joes and Green Bean & Tomato Casserole
Dessert is Halloween Ischel Tartlets (linzer cookies)

TV Update: I quit Westworld. SP is still watching. We started watching Luke Cage on Netflix and are really enjoying it. We've watched 6 episodes.

Movie Update: Last weekend we went to see Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. First let me say I am a huge fan of Lee Child's Reacher books. I've read all of them. That being said, Tom Cruise is NOT my idea of Reacher. Jack Reacher is described as 6'5" tall, weight 220+ lbs, ice blue eyes, dirty blond hair. That's Chris or Liam Hemsworth. Jason Segel. Joe Manganiello or Alexander SkarsgÄrd from True Blood. You can dye hair and wear contacts but size? Tom Cruise does not fit the size of Jack Reacher. That being said, he does action movies so he's OK as Reacher. It just always bugs me throughout the Reacher movies that he's so darn short/small and Reacher is supposed to be huge.

The movie was OK. Kept me entertained but it seemed to lack something the book had.

Book Update: Cop Town from Karin Slaughter. I read Pretty Girls and liked it a lot, so I decided to try another book by Karin Slaughter. Cop Town is set in 1974 Atlanta and it about a hunt for a cop killer. How do I know it was a good book? I couldn't put it it down. Once I work my way through the rest of my current pile, I'll have to request another book by this author.

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