Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

And once again a week has gone by without blogging. Here's what we've been up to since the last Thursday Thoughts:

Friday: I waited until mid-afternoon for the wheelchair people to show up with replacement parts. Of the three parts, two were the wrong size. I try to be patient with the guys they send because it's not their fault, but seriously, how hard is it to pull my account, see the original parts order, and then order the exact same thing to replace the old/broken part?

While waiting, I researched where to buy goose and how to cook goose because we were considering making goose for Christmas Eve. Down the internet rabbit hole.

In the evening we watched X-Men: Apocalypse. It was fun but I can see why it didn't review especially well and am glad we didn't go see it in the theater.

Saturday: We were out doing errands and chores from 10 am until a bit after 3 pm. Then we unloaded the car, put stuff away, and warmed up with tea. It's not just that it was cold outside - it's that we recently discovered the heat in the car isn't really heat anymore. So add that to the chore list. And expense list.

Dinner was Burgatory, but no shake because it was too cold. Then we went home and snuggled under blankets while watching Free State of Jones, which was interesting mostly because I didn't know much about this part of Civil War history. While we enjoyed the movie it seemed at times a little too slow and I kept wishing for things to move along.
Sunday: Cookie Baking! We baked 2 kinds of holiday cookies and made a pot of meatball & sausage sauce for over angel hair pasta while watching the Steelers game. It also was laundry day, and ironing day (ugh!), and in the evening we watched some holiday baking shows.

Monday: My mom came over and we made her favorite holiday cookie. They're so labor intensive. I shaped 5.5 dozen crescents. After they baked & cooled, I dipped them in chocolate. After they chilled, I dusted them with powdered sugar and arranged them in their container for the freezer. Thankfully, mom did all the clean up.

Tuesday: M came to clean, and as always, we chatted almost the entire time she was here. That was the afternoon it started snowing & I watched the yard turn into a winter wonderland. SP came home early from work because of the winter wonderland. I spent the afternoon & evening reading The Bone Collection: Four Novellas from Kathy Reichs because it was due the next day. The 4 novellas were good and I liked learning more about Brennan's start in forensic anthropology.

Wednesday: I spent the day reading The Tea Planter's Wife because it is due today. I liked the book a lot more than I expected.

And now it's Thursday again. Tonight we are baking cookies for SP's work cookie exchange tomorrow. This weekend he has to get his snowblower ready. He didn't yet do that and wasn't super happy that he had to shovel 4 inches of snow instead of snowblowing it! We also have a holiday party on Saturday, so we'll spend part of the afternoon cooking something to take. In addition to the usual weekend stuff, we have to start getting ready for Christmas Eve. We invited both families here and just last night finalized the menu. It's not goose - it'll be lamb. I spent some time this morning making a grocery list so we can buy as much as possible this weekend.

Hopefully I'll have some time to blog about cookies next week. We are making 4 new-to-us kinds in addition to some of the usual cookies.

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