Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

As usual, this time of year is busy and zips by quickly. We had a nice Christmas Eve here with our parents and Googer. It was warm enough that SP was able to grill the leg of lamb. We also had my grandma's ham balls (ground pork & ground ham), roasted cauliflower, asparagus with vinaigrette, green bean casserole, and rolls for dinner. Dessert was  cookies, nut roll, and chocolate covered pretzels. 

After everyone left, we cleaned up, started a load of laundry, and exchanged gifts. Santa Claus was very good to both of us.

Christmas Day we had a lazy morning, eating nut roll and Chex mix and trying the gingerbread coffee we received. Then we went to my parents' place and SP helped my mom make goose. We also had more ham balls, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes & mozzarella, and twice baked potatoes plus cookies for dessert.

It was weird to watch a Steelers game on Christmas. It was weirder to hear the crowd cheering/booing at Heinz Field before we saw the play on TV (my parents live on Mt. Washington and can see Heinz Field from their balcony so we could easily hear the crowd). What a fantastic finish to the game! 

And that was Christmas.

Monday was an exciting day: SP finally got to see Rogue One! The showing we tried to see was sold out so we bought tickets for the next show and just hung out at the theater. The parking lot/shopping center where the theater is located was a disaster of traffic and no parking. We had to park pretty far away from the theater. Note to self: avoid seeing movies around the holidays.

The movie was very good, we both enjoyed it, and that's all I'll say because even though I feel like we were the only ones who hadn't yet seen it, I'm sure there are actually many who haven't.

After seeing Rogue One, it was a little extra sad the next day when we saw that Carrie Fisher passed away. Playing Princess Leia isn't her only accomplishment in life, but for me, she is Princess Leia, the first real female role model I felt like I had. I was 6 years old when Star Wars came out and everyone I knew, including my family, went to the theater many times to see it. Little me never liked baby dolls, hated Barbie dolls, didn't like Disney princess stories. I was so excited to finally see a princess who could kick butt and who wasn't just a silly, simpering damsel in distress, looking for her prince charming to rescue her and marry her and stick her in a castle. She didn't need a glass slipper or a kiss to wake her up - she could grab a blaster and shoot a stormtrooper.

It's a short work week for SP. For dinners, we've been eating leftover lamb, ham balls, and goose. 

Books: I read Turbo Twenty-Three from Janet Evanovich. I still enjoy the books, but I kind of wish the characters would grow a bit. 

Movies: Last night we watched Finding Dory, which was fun. We both liked little Dory and her short term remembory. Adorable! We also recently watched The Nice Guys, which was funnier than we expected, and Florence Foster Jenkins, which was good but goodness her singing was tough to take! 

Magazines: The pile is again growing.

Hope everyone has a great New Year's weekend this weekend!

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