Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Somehow, another week has passed and I haven't blogged. Too many other things on my mind, I suppose. And feeling a little under the weather this week.

SP had a 4 day weekend last weekend. We spent Friday being lazy before heading out to do some errands and having dinner at Burgatory. It was New Year's weekend and they had their usual shake special: Strawberry Almond Pizzelle. It's my favorite shake, even better than the eclair one, even better than the Choco's Taco one.

Saturday morning and afternoon were spent taking down all the holiday decor and then cleaning up the glitter, dust, and pine needles. Then SP did some of the shopping and met his family for a birthday dinner. I didn't go because it was at a Chinese place and Chinese seems to always bother my stomach. Also, it was drizzly/rainy, which stinks being in the wheelchair because my legs get very damp. He brought me a chicken salad sandwich from Central Diner.

Sunday we watched football and got ready for a holiday party, but I ended up not going because we were worried about the stairs at our friend's new house and navigating them in the dark (eventually, our friend will have a ramp since a family member is in a wheelchair, but the first ramp purchased didn't work out).

Monday was a lazy day.

Somewhere in there we watched the new Sherlock episode on PBS, started watching The Man in the High Castle on Netflix (we've watched 6 episodes and so far are really enjoying the show), watched the first episode of the new season of Worst Cooks in America (where do they find these crazy people?!), and I watched The Magnificent Seven (which was OK).

I've flipped through my new cookbooks, but no other reading. The magazine pile is growing.

No cooking this week. We decided to have chef salad for dinner. Every night this week. Sometimes with ham, sometimes with chicken. Eggs. Cheese. Leftover sharp provolone, or leftover fontina, or smoked gouda. Basic vinaigrette. Kalamatas and tomatoes and cucumber and carrot. On the side, leftover dinner rolls from Christmas. I'm back to toasted English muffin with roast turkey and Swiss for lunch. Yogurt and/or fruit for breakfast. And leftover holiday cookies for evening dessert.

Hope everyone is having a good 2017!

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