Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

It's a gray, gloomy, rainy Thursday, but at least it's warm, 65 degrees right now. Quite nice after last weekend's miserable frigid weather.

I spent a long time today trying to use the site for my health insurance. It's unbelievable how darn slow that site and the prescription site are. Ridiculous. Excruciatingly slow. Trying to do health stuff online is just as painful, difficult, and time consuming as trying to call and getting stuck in an automated system hell before being placed on hold and then talking to a person who never fully answers your questions and insists no answer is binding because everything just "depends" on stuff out of my control. Which means I can never definitively know if/what is fully/partially/not covered and how much I might have to pay.

I was seriously told last fall that that whether or not my doctor appointment was covered as a yearly/annual wellness exam or as a regular office visit (which are covered at different rates/co-pays) depended on what additional tests the doctor may or may not order during my appointment (but that I would not know ahead of time) including any blood work (which apparently means it's not an annual exam - ?). Meanwhile, the same insurance company is sending me letters telling me I am past due for my yearly/annual wellness exam, as if I am shirking responsibility for my health. But I see the same doctor every fall for a check up - it's just billed differently every single time.

Meals This Week: Braised Lamb with smashed parmesan potatoes and roasted cauliflower for 4 dinners. The other 2 dinners are eggs with toast, sausage, and arugula. Dessert is holiday cookies from the freezer.

TV This Week:

  • We finished season 1 of The Man in the High Castle and started season 2. Only 2 more episodes until we finish season 2. Watching those is the plan for tonight. It sure would be nice if Amazon would actually consistently work. For the past 2 weeks, every time we try to watch something, it gives us these messages about the network connection being down, disconnected, cannot connect, whatever, but when we switch to Netflix it's fine, everything works, so...  Grr. It's Amazon, not us, I'm positive, and it's really annoying.
  • I wasn't really enjoying last Sunday's Sherlock until the last half hour or so. The payoff was worth it.
  • Bones is back, and it's nice to see things sort of starting to wrap up since it ends this May. It's time for it to end.
  • Grimm & Sleepy Hollow are back and we're again watching both. Grimm ends this May, too, so we're excited to see how it ends. As for Sleepy Hollow, I had been annoyed with the show, but so far it seems to have been given a pretty decent re-boot. We'll see.
  • I recorded the first episode of Taboo on FX with Tom Hardy but haven't watched it yet. 
  • Despite being unsure of Good Behavior on TNT, I watched the whole first season. I like watching Lettie & Javier, but I just want to shake them and tell them to stop being such bad people even as I root for them.

Magazines: I read new issues of Food Network Magazine and Food & Wine but didn't find much of interest. Usually, winter recipes don't much interest me.

Other: I have 2 library books and 4 more ready for pick up. Oops. I deliberately didn't add anything to my request list from mid-Dec until last week because I knew we'd be busy over the holidays. Sure enough, the majority of the books I requested became available at the same time.


  1. Have you watched Shameless? on netflix. not highbrow, but very real

    1. We haven't but it's on our list. I like William H Macy.