Monday, February 13, 2017

Sienna on the Square

Last weekend we met friends at Sienna on the Square in Market Square. We've dined at SotS several times and every time we've had a tasty meal with great service. Here's what we ate this time:
Calamari (lemon, smoked arrabiata). This was the first time we've tried the calamari at SotS. I love calamari when it's done right. My idea of "right" calamari is a light breading, non-rubbery calamari, a little seasoning, and a dipping sauce. It's not good when there is too much breading, or greasy breading, or the calamari turns tough/rubbery/too chewy. This was delicious calamari. I ate the ones from the top of the pile since we figured the sauce was a little spicy. I did have a bit of the arrabiata and it didn't taste too spicy, but then again, I just had a wee bit of it.
Stracciatella at SotS always makes me happy. Add some mosto cotto, arugula, and toasted bread and I'm even happier.
SP ordered the Duck entree. I think the dish also had charred root vegetables, shallot, creamy polenta, rosemary jus. His duck was a nice medium pink and he said it was, as usual, delicious.
If SotS has a short rib dish, I usually order that (there used to be a short ribs with mac & cheese and one time I had a super yummy short rib cannelloni). If there's no short rib, I order Meatball & Ricotta Flatbread (tomato sauce, provonello, basil) because I love the tomato sauce (it reminds me of my mom's sauce) and because these meatball slices are maybe the best meatballs I've ever had. Sometimes I'm glad when the choice is easy because when I have to choose between a short rib dish and this flatbread it's a tough decision.
On one of our visits there were donuts for dessert but not this time. I was a little sad but this Chocolate Cake made up for the lack of donuts! It was light and moist cake, chocolaty, and a yummy hazelnut smear next to it.

As always, a satisfying & delicious meal.

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