Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Last weekend was SP's birthday. We celebrated on Saturday, going to see John Wick Chapter 2 and having dinner at Burgatory. Then on Sunday we went to brunch at Casbah.

This week the tree guys came to trim tree branches back from the house and to remove some brush and vines between/in trees. It looks better, but I'd like to see a lot more disappear. SP & the tree guys are all for letting healthy stuff remain, but... I can't stand how much stuff the previous owners planted around the house. We've had so much removed and it still, at times, looks awful and unkept.

It was super windy last night so of course I was worried about another tree blowing over like the spruce tree that missed our deck 2 weeks ago. I am sure there's all sort of trash blown into our yard and woods area. Ugh. It's annoying how much blows into our yard not to mention the trash that is sometimes deliberately left there, like the day we found a six pack of empty bottles placed in the driveway. They were empty, but all lined up in their cardboard box and just sitting there, right in the middle of the driveway.

Meals This Week:

  • Meatloaf. Monday-Thursday this week. It's a 2 lb meatloaf. With Green Bean & Tomato Casserole
  • Tomorrow will probably be scrambled eggs or some fast food meal, like Panera or DiBella's.
  • Dessert: Leftover Raspberry Shortbread. Girl Scout Cookies. Paczki. Paczki season ended on Tuesday so SP brought home half a dozen as a final paczki treat.

What We're Watching:

  • The final episode of Taboo aired this week. It was a bloody good ending (literally). 
  • There's one more episode of Six. I'm wondering if it'll be the ending I expect or if it'll be messier than I expect.
  • There's also one more episode of Worst Cooks in America. We were surprised at the final two.
  • The Americans comes back next week! And Designated Survivor!

We've been watching a lot of Netflix DVDs. We watched Allied and The Accountant. We enjoyed both more than we expected given the reviews. I watched Manchester By the Sea. Oh my gosh what a sad, heart-breaking film. So good, but so sad. Regardless of your feelings about Casey Affleck, what a great performance. I have Moonlight to watch - how crazy was the end of The Oscars?! I'm looking forward to watching Moonlight not just because it won Best Picture but also Supporting Actor for Mahershala Ali, who played Cottonmouth on Luke Cage and he was in Hidden Figures (yes, he's had a lot of other roles but those are the ones I am most familiar with).

Nothing this past week. I haven't found time to sit down and get into a book. I've been spending a lot of time doing vacation research since we're trying to plan a vacation sometime to somewhere (we're unusually indecisive this year). After spending a good amount of time on the computer, my eyes are tired and I just want to close them and rest them.

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