Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

So I am on Day 12 or 13 of "allergies or cold?" At first, I thought for sure allergies. But then I got a bit of a cough & a sore throat, which I never have with allergies. So I decided it was a cold. But it's not progressing like a cold for me, or acting like my usual allergies. I've gone through 3-4 bottles of liquid medicine and all I have to show for it is $40 of medicine/cough drops on the charge card and an upset stomach (which happens when I take expectorant medicine). So. Life is lovely.

It's such a pathetic cough, too. And it strikes whenever I shift position while sleeping. I guess rolling over triggers it. And then I cannot stop the pathetic cough, which triggers a drippy nose, so then I have to use tissue after tissue. This goes on for a half hour or so, keeping both of us awake. I think I'm averaging 4-5 hours of sleep a night now.

My niece had surgery to repair her broken collarbone this week. She called me this morning and we got to talk for about half an hour, which was really quite nice because it happens so rarely. She's home from school, recovering, and, I suspect, bored and lonely. She was tripped during a soccer game and when she fell, her collarbone broke. But now, she has joined the metal parts club, though she still has a long way to go before catching up to me!

March Madness begins today. My alma mater is in the tournament - mens & womens! So this afternoon I will be settling in to watch my Bucknell Bison take on WVU. Go ahead. Laugh. My team likely will be crushed by halftime. I picked them to win anyway. You have to pick a few upsets, right? Why not Bucknell? After all, they beat Pitt way back once upon a time when Pitt was ranked in the top ten  (I was at that game at Petersen Events Center in January 2005 (?), wearing the orange & blue of "my" team while my dad was wearing the blue & gold of "his" team and getting very upset with their play) and one year, they beat Kansas in the tournament.

Meals This Week:

  • Pork tenderloin with pierogies and roast cauliflower or steamed broccoli. Sunday through Thursday. Yes. Five dinners. In a row. I might be a little sick of pork (but not pierogies).
  • Giant Eagle shamrock cookies for dessert.

What We're Watching:

  • Six on History ended, mostly predictably but the very last scene surprised us.
  • We watched the first 2 episodes of Trial & Error with John Lithgow on NBC. We liked it a lot and laughed a lot.
  • Designated Survivor is back and we did not see last night's ending coming! 
  • We're still watching 24. I think I decided to stick it out a bit longer because Tony Almeida came back. Still not too into it, though.
  • American Crime is back! But I didn't get to see the first episode because of stupid Dish. Dish and Hearst are still disagreeing so we have no WTAE. Just the OTA WTAE. So I set up a manual timer. It's there. The Timers section shows it. And yet it didn't record. Like many other timers that are set up but not recording. The rage at Dish right now is great. They gave SP some (stupid unacceptable lame) reason that they switched Guide providers and program "secret" numbers/"secret" coding (secret = stuff you the viewer do not see but that makes it all work) was changed without their knowledge and that's why even if you have a show set up to record, it might not record. 
  • And as usual, This Is Us made me cry. *sniff* Thank goodness it's over for a while. Between that show & my cold/allergy thing, I'm using an awful lot of tissues.

What I'm Reading:
Nothing. I have a book due next week but because I've been feeling so crappy I've been napping in the afternoon. I did read some Jan-Feb magazine issues and now the Mar-Apr ones are here/arriving so I need to get on the magazine pile.

GO BISON!!!!!!

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