Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

I keep meaning to make more of an effort to post, but once again, a week has gone by and I didn't post. I'm going to blame my continued sick state. Yes, I have been sick since March 4. It got so bad last weekend that I made an "emergency" doctor visit. Actually, I made SP call and get me an appointment because I could barely talk. My throat was so sore. I had that constant swallow pain/difficult to swallow thing that's so bad it feels like your ears are going to explode when you swallow.

I saw a doctor on Monday. He prescribed an antibiotic and a prescription cough syrup with codeine so I could sleep. We got the prescriptions filled on the way home but when we got home, we realized the pharmacy had not mixed up the antibiotic. Yes, mixed up. I asked for a liquid instead of a giant pill that would make me choke & die. They gave us the powder and a bottle and instructions with a huge orange warning sticker to make sure the pharmacy mixes it all up before you leave the pharmacy. ? Nice work, stupid pharmacy. So back to the pharmacy SP went.

The antibiotic seems to have cured the sore throat/swallow/ear stuff, but I still feel sick. I still feel congested in my chest, but I don't have a congested sounding cough. You'd think the prescription cough syrup/expectorant would be helping, but it's not. Codeine does not knock me out so it's not really helping me sleep. As for expectorating and decongesting... well let's just say that I now have a new issue: not being able to get to the bathroom in time because the antibiotic and/or expectorant has created a mess of my digestive system. I am now afraid to stray too far from the bathroom.

Life pretty much sucks right now.

Meals This Week:

  • Lasagna for 4 meals
  • Arugula salad and fried egg sandwiches for 2 meals
  • Madeleines for dessert

What We're Watching:

  • Next week will be the series finales of Bones and Grimm. Excited to see how they end, especially after Tuesday's Bones cliffhanger.
  • SP wanted to continue watching Quantico, so reluctantly I set up a manual timer (thanks Hearst & Dish for continuing to be at odds) and watched Monday's episodes of Quantico and 24: Legacy. By "watch" I mean 50% of my attention was focused on the TV and the other 50% on the game I was playing on my tablet.
  • We've been watching March Madness basketball, too. My Bucknell Bison gave WVU a tough time and lost by only 6, so even though they lost, I think it's really a win for the Bison. As for the rest of my basketball bracket, it is again this year already busted thanks to Villanova losing. At least this past weekend included Duke Elimination Day (as my IN friend calls it). When Duke basketball loses, I'm a happy girl.
  • I watched Elle last Friday while SP was at the hockey game. It was a very good movie and I can see why Isabelle Huppert was nominated for Best Actress.

Nothing. I've been napping the afternoons away.

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