Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

I finished taking the antibiotic, my stomach started getting back to normal, and then on Monday morning I woke up with a rash all over my neck & chest and it has since spread to my arms and legs. The doctor says it's a rash from an ingredient in the antibiotic and it'll go away. Thankfully, it's not itchy. But seriously, can March get any crappier? My sore throat might be better, but I have either a lingering cold or really bad allergies because I'm still sneezing, stuffed up or runny nose, and feeling congested. And I am a spotted monster.

March Madness: I thought I'd be the big loser since Villanova lost, but according to my mom, SP & I are in the lead and one of us will win. We fill out brackets for the mens and womens tournaments. I need Gonzaga and Oregon to lose in the mens and Mississippi State to lose in the womens. I think if even one of those teams wins this weekend, SP will win.

Meals This Week:

What We're Watching:

  • There was a moment in Monday's Quantico when I turned to SP and went off on how utterly unrealistic and stupid the past 5 minutes had been. He agreed. We have officially dumped the show.
  • We haven't yet watched Monday's 24: Legacy so it's possible that it, too, will soon be dumped.
  • Thanks to Dish & their new guide provider screwing up again, Big Little Lies didn't record on Sunday (after recording the previous 5 weeks). So we watched it Monday. I'm still a little disappointed with the slow, slow, slow burn of the show leading to the death and revealing the "big little lies."
  • Tonight the new season of Amazing Race premieres. I love watching teams do the challenges and bicker and get lost! Plus, Shonda shows. I was so upset at the end of Scandal last week! I am hoping the character who got shot survives! 
  • Tomorrow Grimm ends its run and Sleepy Hollow ends its season. We were shocked at the deaths in last week's Grimm and are hoping the characters aren't really dead.
  • This week Bones ended after 12 seasons. I'll miss the show. At least Kathy Reichs is still writing the books.

What I'm Reading:

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