Monday, April 24, 2017

Talia Cucina & Rosticceria

A couple weekends ago, we met R&S for dinner after seeing Fun Home/before they went to see it. We decided to try a new-to-all-four-of-us place: Talia Cucina & Rosticceria. It's a new place in Pittsburgh. I think it opened in March. Here's what we ate:
Our drinks: Like A Boss and white wine (GL Dalila). I liked my wine. I did not like SP's drink at all. It had a very strong smoky/tobacco flavor.
We started by sharing Our Daily Bread - a small loaf of bread with olive oil. I forgot to take a photo until it was nearly gone. Whoops.
SP & I shared Italian Salad (iceberg, radicchio, cucumber, tomato, black olive, basil, lemon vinaigrette). We both liked the salad a lot, except for the part where we both dropped bites and the dressing splatted on our shirts!
SP had an appetizer special: Octopus Salad. He enjoyed it a lot. I liked my bite of octopus, but that's about all I ever want of octopus.
R had a steak with risotto for dinner. I cannot find it on the menu, maybe it was a special. She seemed to like it.
SP ordered Porchetta. It was good but it was a little disappointing because it seemed like there was an awful lot of fat.
I opted for Open Face Melt (short rib, focaccia, caramelized onions, caciavallo, pan jus). I liked this a lot. The grilled focaccia was tasty, the meat tender, melted cheese. It was filling and I took some home for lunch the next day.
For dessert, SP & I shared Chocolate Cake. I liked it, but there were nuts in it and I'm not much of a nut in my dessert person. SP is.

I thought our server was very good. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I liked my salad and meal. SP liked his food but found the porchetta a little too fatty. S didn't like the Greens & Beans, saying they were too salty. R tasted them and agreed they were way too salty, so that's disappointing. I'm not sure how they felt about their meals. We'd go back. Next time, I think I'd try one of the pasta dishes.

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