Friday, April 21, 2017

Thursday Thoughts on Friday

I forgot Thursday Thoughts yesterday. Whoops! This week went by so darn fast.

I turned our air conditioning on yesterday! On April 20. Once upon a time I firmly believed in no a/c until June but in my fussy old age, I'm more of a screw it, the thermostat says it's 77 degrees inside and I'm stuffy and hot and miserable so who cares if it's April? You might wonder, hey, it's spring and not that hot & humid, why not simply open the windows? Allergies. Bugs. Plus the screens aren't in.

Speaking of bugs, they're making their return. We've spotted several ants inside so it's time for fresh ant traps. We've also spotted a lot of wasps attempting to build in their usual spots (they seem to love the deck) so we've got to start anti-wasp measures. We hung up anti-bird reflectors in an attempt to keep them from building nests under the deck. No need to entice the snake up onto the deck again.

My mom came over yesterday. She cleaned our liquor cabinet for us. I like the cabinet, the glass front doors and shelves, but the doors get dusty, and the dust gets inside and on the glass shelves and the glasses and the liquor bottles. Mom emptied it out, cleaned inside, cleaned all the glass parts, wiped off everything, and put it all back. So shiny now. She also did our ironing for us. I despise ironing and I'm not very good at it. Mom is an excellent at it - she doesn't add extra creases they way I do!

Meals This Week:

  • Easter leftovers! Mom sent me home with ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, and asparagus.
  • Monday we went out to dinner for our anniversary. My lunch for the next 2 days was leftover pizza.
  • We finished the Easter side dishes on Wednesday so we turned the remaining ham into ham salad for lunch on Thursday & Friday (and the weekend).
  • For dinner Thursday & Friday we made Pasta with Prosciutto & Peas (our usual at home anniversary meal) and had some spiralized zucchini on the side.
  • Dessert was leftover Easter cheesecake or chocolate eggs.

What We're Watching:

  • Lots of Penguins playoff hockey. Last night they won a 4th game over the Blue Jackets and now move to the next round.
  • Fargo is back! But we haven't watched the first episode yet. We watched Designated Survivor while Fargo recorded. 
  • Scandal - wow! No spoilers from last night's episode but these new bad people are way worse than Papa Pope.
  • Trial & Error ended. We both really enjoyed it.

What I'm Reading:

  • I'm in the middle of The Blood Strand: A Faroes Novel by Chris Ould. It's got attention even if the islands are rainy, gray, bleak, and gloomy. I like the interaction between the 2 policemen (the Faroes one and the one from Britain, returning to where he was born).
  • New magazine issues, but I haven't been inspired by any of the articles or recipes in the latest Food & Wine, Cook's Illustrated, Food Network Magazine.  

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