Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

SP officially won the basketball tournament. I was 2nd, mom 3rd, and dad lost. I cannot believe SP picked Mississippi State over UConn in the womens bracket. 

The Pirates home opener is tomorrow and there is snow in the forecast. April in Pittsburgh! Snow on the 7th, then mid-70's on the 10th!

I think my sickness is gone and now it's just allergies but I seem to still have some sort of cough/slight chest congestion and I am afraid to take medicine with an expectorant.

This week I went to the dentist for the first time in 4 years. There were real reasons that some appointments were cancelled but then never rescheduled and then the not rescheduling was just forgetting/ignoring the dentist. My teeth definitely look better but my goodness did my teeth and gums feel sore after that visit. I guess that's my lesson: don't wait 4 years between cleanings.

Meals This Week:

What We're Watching:

  • Not 24: Legacy and not Quantico. We officially gave up.
  • Grimm ended and it had a satisfying series ending. Sleepy Hollow ended the season and it was a good ending, appropriate if there is not next season.
  • Big Little Lies ended. Overall I enjoyed the series. I think, as someone who read the book, the ending could have been explained a bit more to non-readers, but I guess that's nitpicky.
  • We're enjoying The Americans and Designated Survivor a lot.
  • Amazing Race is back! The first episode wasn't too exciting, just one challenge.
  • Upcoming shows premiering in April that we're excited about: Genius on National Geographic, Fargo Season 3 on FX, and Bosch Season 3 on Amazon.
  • Someday Dish and Hearst will get ABC back on the air and I can stop setting up timers for the OTA ABC shows.


  • We watched Trolls. It was OK. I never understood the troll thing, I actually can't stand them, so I'm not sure why it was on my Netflix queue, but it was, and it arrived, so we watched and while it's a perfectly fine animated movie, we felt it lacked the tidbits to entertain adults.
  • We also watched Central Intelligence. Not the kind of humor we usually enjoy and yet somehow we found ourselves watching.

Mississippi Blood arrived! SP picked it up Monday night at the library and somehow I have not yet started reading but I AM SO EXCITED to read the final book in Greg Iles' trilogy.The past 2 days I've had visitors and the afternoons got away from me but today is the day. Time to dive back into the world of Penn Cage & Natchez, Mississippi. 700+ pages!

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