Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

It's Easter time, which means it's paska time. SP bought a mini paska from St. Peter and St. Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Carnegie. He also bought me another pysanky egg.

I still have a persistent, pesky cough so the doctor prescribed a new medicine. I am not optimistic.

Last weekend we saw The King & I at the Benedum. It was OK. I knew the general story but had never seen the show (or movie(s), etc.). I think I was thrown off in the beginning and never recovered because around us, the following occurred for the first half hour of the show (and for some things, all show long):

  • The woman to my left kept texting during the show. Her cell phone light was very distracting.
  • The couple behind us, seated in non-existent seats (we sit in a wheelchair area and there is not supposed to be anyone behind us because it blocks in the wheelchair users but there is always someone who has a special reason they can't sit in the seat they bought so the ushers seat them behind us even though they are not supposed to) - well this couple proceeded to talk for quite a while and then at intermission, when their friends joined them (blocking much of the wheelchair area so good thing I didn't need a restroom) they complained about how noisy the platform area is. ? Then stop talking. Jerks.
  • They weren't the only ones talking. There were multiple conversations around us, even while the performers were on stage.
  • The people in front of us kept crinkling candy wrappers and plastic water bottles. Every time they drank they would squeeze the bottle then let go & let it pop back into shape.
  • There was some commotion off to our right as someone else with a special need arrived 20 minutes late and it took what seemed like the entire usher staff 10-15 minutes of whispering (trying to figure out what to do?) before a production of getting the party seated. I get special needs, but for Pete's sake, show up on time if you need extra help. We do. For everything.

I am old. I long for those good old days when going to the theater meant dressing nicely (not ripped jeans & t-shirts or shorts and flip flops), not needing snacks & beverages like you're at home sprawled on your couch, and ignoring the outside world because you were there specifically to escape into another world for 2-3 hours. It seems like a lot of people no longer have manners. And I don't mean the young folks because the people I'm complaining about were not young.

Meals This Week:

  • Ribs with grilled green beans & paska
  • Grilled Chicken with green beans/spiralized squash & paska
  • Crab Cakes with spiralized squash & paska
  • Dessert: Lemon Cheese Danish bites from Market District

What We're Watching:

  • Spring Baking Championship ended. The final challenge was to bake a flag cake and the finished cakes looked amazing.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is back. These 2 recent episodes have been OK, though I remain confused a bit by the whole framework/two worlds concept. But I do not like robot stories so I've been hating this season, much like I disliked Westworld.

I watched Cafe Society. It was a decent diversion one afternoon.


  • I finished Mississippi Blood and handed it over to my dad. Such a good book. Good final book in the trilogy. Love, betrayal, loyalty, trust, murder, sadness, war, racism, adultery, hatred, revenge, secrets, assisted suicide, family ties, southern history - so much in the books and woven together in a way that makes you feel for all the sides, even the "bad" guys.  I like that Iles is the kind of guy who doesn't wrap everything up neatly and tie it with a bow. That's certainly not how life is. Everything has repercussions.
  • I also read the latest Tea Shop Mystery, Pekoe Most Poison. The problem with long running series is that the author often seems to phone it in and the books follow a predictable plot outline, just name, locations, motive changes.  

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