Monday, May 8, 2017

General Porpoise

We've been planning a vacation and I realized I never finished writing about our Seattle trip. That was last October! I looked at my drafts and this one caught my eye: General Porpoise.
We made a special trip to get these doughnuts, found street parking, paid to park to run in and buy 4 doughnuts. I think the flavors were vanilla, lemon, rhubarb-lemon (or strawberry?), and chocolate marshmallow.
Mmmmm chocolate marshmallow. I remember the doughnut being really, really, really good, worth the price (almost $4 each).
Vanilla. Also super tasty. I would go back to Seattle just for these doughnuts. They might have been tastier than Better Maid doughnuts or Party Cake paczki.

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