Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

It's that time of year: the yard is mowed and 2-3 days later it's a dandelion field. Our shrubs are already at jungle stage! But I like green overgrowth better than dead & brown or snowy & slushy gray.

Meals This Week:

  • Leftovers. We had lunch with friends (Max & Erma's) and dinner out (Downey's House) this past weekend, so there were lots of leftovers.
  • Grilled chicken and roasted cauliflower. Simple.
  • Dessert: popcorn or Easter candy. We're still finishing the chocolate eggs and then there's the chocolate bunny.

What We're Watching:

  • American Crime ended. I really like the show but it's so different from the usual network fare. There's actually nuances and things left unsaid, it doesn't wrap up with a happy ending, and there is some great acting.
  • I thought last week's Scandal was disappointing and boring. I hope it picks up this week.
  • Otherwise, the usual shows, nothing new. We decided to just let Fargo, Silicon Valley, & Genius record and watch them over the summer.
  • Movies: I watched Lion and Fences. Both were excellent. We watched Nocturnal Animals. At first, we couldn't get into the movie. I also was a little too creeped out by the early scenes in the novel (yes, it's a movie, but, well, I don't want to be too specific and spoilery, and saying novel might not make sense, but it will if you see the movie). I found those scenes much scarier than any scary/horror movie.

What I'm Reading:
I read the latest John Sandford, Golden Prey. Another great Lucas book.

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