Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts: Hawaii! We are back from a 2 week trip to Hawaii. We spent one week on Oahu and one week on the Big Island. 

I am still exhausted today. We arrived home yesterday morning at 6:39 am. We spent the day walking around half awake but managing to grill chicken, make salad, unpack, and do 6 loads of laundry. No grass mowing (yes, after 2+ weeks of neglect, our yard is the overgrown, ugly yard). Thankfully SP's mom did grocery shopping for us and brought it over. 

We had a fantastic trip, but there were a few major mishaps. I'm too tired to take the time now to write about them in detail but here's what I spent today doing (in addition to sorting through 2 weeks of mail and paying bills):

1. I created an "Airline Totaled My Wheelchair" file. Yes. That happened.The airline on the 1st of 3 legs of flights on Tuesday totaled my wheelchair. Unable to be used in any useful way. It was a very long, very stressful, very difficult, very uncomfortable day of getting from Honolulu to San Francisco to Pittsburgh and then home to the house. I now hate Kona and refuse to go back to that airport.

2. I created a "Car Incident in Hilo" file. Our rental car was parked, legally, while we were in the Visitors Center at a National Park when some foreign tourists "creamed" it (words of a witness who came, with others, rushing up to the center to find the people driving the white car in the handicap spot). We'll see how this plays out. We are not at all at fault, we weren't even in the car (thank goodness) but I'm not super optimistic given that witnesses told us they had to go after & stop the driver, the 2 people who hit us acted kind of sketchy and like they wanted to somehow slink away without being noticed, and they were very agitated and huffy when I insisted on documenting possible, unseen damage that may exist because of what witnesses said happened when they hit us. I'm not being billed by our rental company/paying through my car insurance and having my rates go up for their idiocy. Official Park Ranger Police reports were filed and 1+ hour of my vacation was wasted because of an idiot driver.

It wasn't until after we were back on our way that I started shaking and freaking out over "what could have been" had we still been in the car, seatbelts off, munching on our snacks when they hit the car, which is what we were doing about 10 minutes before it happened. 

I haven't even looked at our photos yet! 

I'm sure there will be many Hawaii posts in the future. I wish I was still there!

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