Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Prohibition Pastries

I think it was just this past April that Prohibiton Pastries opened on Reynolds Street in Point Breeze. As the name suggests, these baked treats contain alcohol. Baker Eliza Bowman uses locally-produced craft beverages (such as Wigle Whiskey, East End Brewing, Maggie's Farm Rum) in her recipes instead of using vanilla extract. Of course we wanted to check out the bakery.
So I put it on our list of "To Try" places and last week, SP decided to stop by after work. He took some photos of the bakery goodies for me.
And as a good husband should, he brought home some treats.
Cupcakes! He bought 2 and we split them in half so we could each try both flavors.
SP couldn't remember the flavors he bought. I think the chocolate one was a chocolate whiskey -?     The other one had an oatmeal cookie bottom and yellow cake and was also whiskey. Both were tasty.
 He also brought home an Apple Whiskey Hand Pie. We ate it for breakfast the next day.
Flaky pastry, apples - yum.

A new place for tasty treats. Prohibition Pastries also offers breads, sweet pies, and savory pies. They are open M-F 7 am - 7 pm and on weekends 10 am - 3 pm. I hope SP stops by again soon - those strawberry & cream scone/whoopie pie-like treats in the one photo look really good.

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